Thursday, 2 May 2013

Heifers In, Bulls Out

...or is it Heifers Out, Bulls In?

After close to two weeks of illness starting with a head cold brought home from school by Sal and culminating in second stage mycoplasmal pneumonia or possibly acute bronchitis (self-diagnosis ... thankyou Dr Google), I have re-entered the work force in the past couple of days.  In the words of my spiritual advisor, I could make the choice to continue to mope in self-pity, or step up and soldier on.  I know.  I'm very lucky.  My own Dalai Lama in the form of my husband.

With a truck-load of odds and ends destined for Bottle Tree tomorrow, I set about gathering some extras to make up the load.

Bulls would normally have come out of these heifers a month ago, but due to the late start to our season, and the fact that we'd kept these girls empty to transfer embryos into them earlier in the year, they were given an extra month of opportunity to conceive.

The seven young bulls who have been doing their duty were removed today, six Brahman bulls destined for sale later in the year, one Brangus bull heading to the Bottle Tree bull paddock, his services required again later in the year.

These pesky girls decided on the nature-route today.  The road situated some fifty metres to the left of these heifers only walked on as we crossed it.  The zig-zag nature of our trip home making me wish I'd left the camera behind and instead brought a couple of dogs.

This afternoon's bull-removal from the stud heifers made so much easier by the presence of my youngest assistant.

Tomorrow will see me and the old Acco working in perfect harmony.
No harm in hoping for the best.  Soldiering on.  No moping.


  1. Very unfortunate being so unwell, however hopefully this will tide you through the winter stronger than ever. I like your reference to the Dalai Lama...quietly giggling!

  2. Hmm. I have a similar spiritual advisor. Glad you took your camera and not the dogs though.

  3. 1. I notice the re-arrangement in blog furniture!
    2. My own spiritual advisor sounds very similar. Except when he's whining about his own back/head/did I mention back. HIS spiritual advisor says stop telling me about it and DO something ie go see a professional.
    3. I recall well your last Acco adventure. Perhaps put on the hazard lights (if it has any?!) all the way through town to warn drivers, especially those in little hatchbacks, to stay clear. But hey, eventually you'll have all of the sharp edges ground off the gear box and she'll be a dream to drive!
    4. I have done scenic route zig zaggy mustering too. Much like Acco driving, isn't at all soothing to the soul!
    5. country is looking good!

  4. ps park that truck up on the way through town and see a doctor!! No 2 kid here now bouncing off the walls after 24 hours of antibiotics, and catching up on all of the eating she didn't do in the week prior (we can tell she's really better by the stirring she's doing to younger brother)

  5. Hoping you will be properly better soon - you could do with tea and sympathy as well as the hearty advice :). Wonderful photos, so I am glad you took the camera ...

  6. Always nice to catch up with you and your family and glad to hear you soldier on and back on your pins! Take care Dear!

  7. My Spiritual Advisor seems to sprout a similar wisdom!
    Sounds like you've been through the wringer though, take care, stock up on olive leaf extract when you can and get well soon.

  8. Just happened across your blog. Very interesting and cool pictures. Its interesting that you guys are going into winter and we just got out of winter. Just got done calving and branding and turning bulls out. Now we wait for the summer heat.



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