Friday, 24 May 2013

Instagram V Blogging

I may have previously mentioned how I'm often late to the party when it comes to trend-setting, leading the way, laying the path or setting the pace.  I tend to sit back, take it all in, mull it over, and then frequently miss the whole thing.  For example, I'm still not convinced skinny-legged coloured jeans are the answer.  And not sure if that Facebook thing's ever going to take off.

To cut a long story short, I've finally jumped aboard the Instagram train.  But in doing so, unintentionally abandoned the Blogger vehicle.  A situation I'm hoping to remedy.

This past week has seen a little entertaining,

some cricketing action

for some,

while others were busily engaged in assignment activity, six assignments, no less.

Year 9's a tough gig.

A rainy day saw some curtain fabric pulled from the cupboard.

After buying it online, I was rather disappointed when it turned up in the mail a couple of months back.  
Thus its positioning at the back of the sewing cupboard.
It's sewn up quite well though.

I won this cookbook and enjoyed flicking through it this afternoon.  
Pete's penchant for using ingredients not found in my pantry, or even perhaps my local Woolies indicate we may not agree on casual home cooking styles.

These six beautiful Brangus heifers arrived this week to be flushed.
Unfortunately they left their manners at home.
This is a rare shot of them front-on.  They've spent much of the past two days with their heads stuck in a corner of the yards.  Nice to see your faces girls.

The pups are nearly five months old.  

We've been practising a little intensive training.

Sometimes cuddling works better.

Predictions of a wet Winter for us hitting the mark.

The mandarins have coloured up nicely and are being enjoyed during afternoon chores.
My suggestion to take a basket full along to next week's sports carnival met with anguished cries.
Apparently they aren't to be shared.

My beloved milkers have been needled, ready for AI-ing.

Both Brown Swiss and Jersey semen procured.

My husband brought home a milking machine last week.
It just needs a little work.

My thoughts exactly Priscilla.


  1. I haven't a clue what flushing heifers means, and I am equally lost on the needling and A1-ing front, but I am tickled by your humorous writing and admiring of your wonderful phototaking. I love coming here!

  2. Priscilla looks like a character! I love Instagram!

  3. The pups eye is so striking. good luck with the training.

  4. all sorts of giggling and snorting happening here reading this post, good thing its not coffee time! in response:
    1. only skinny legged (and skinny hipped too I fear) people can pull off coloured skinny legged jeans. Not that I don't embrace a good bit of colour, once favouring hot pink wranglers in my youth (jeans and youth since long gone) and loving sick a pair of non skinny green curve friendly jeans at the moment.
    2. curtains indeed look great.
    3. milking machine...oh can we have action shots when it finally gets put into action (I wonder how P will take it?!) BIL with some experience with one muttered darkly that you will spend longer cleaning the thing each day than you will using it to milk the cows.

  5. What great photos. Cows always look so pretty to me don't know why its quite strange when I think about it. The pups 5 months old that went quick. I also catch the train when its about to leave. A bit like my grandmother didn't want us to buy her a CD player because she didn't think the craze would last!!!!

  6. I am an instagram girl when I am in mobile service range (from which you can also FB and tweet instantly!!) and a blogging gal at home. Great shots. Glad your Brangus girls showed their faces... nothing sweeter than a brangus cow face when she's in a good humour!

  7. I quite agree - Facebook will never take off.I wanted to do self storage on the farm years ago and my husband said it wouldn't work but everywhere we go now there's great big self storage warehouses. doh.
    Not sure that I'll ever keep up with all these new fangled things. Do you do Pinterest?

  8. ps I forgot to ask have you activated your almonds?! Think Pete needs to do a challenge: do some cooking in the sticks with what's available from the freezer, pantry and local supermarket!

  9. Priscilla is a character as are the look of your Brangus heifers...impartial to the flat backs as you know! Good luck with that milking machine and nice to have you on for FB...the jury is still out on that one for me. It has its place I think...just not for airing grievances as many do!

  10. Oh and you must share what you do with your mandarines, mine are look like mandarines, just taste awful and not growing very well...hints??

    1. Trudy- apparently they are much sweeter after the first frost! you mustn't pick them before then. Another hint is to put old little pieces of iron( I use railway pegs) all around the base of the trees. sometimes I get any bits of steel that may have been through the fire drum and are now rusty and plant them as well. My father actually used to drill a hole through the trunk and put a steel bolt in it. We always had the best lemon trees ever. apparently it's all to do with iron deficiency in the soil.

  11. I too am an Instagram lover. My blog suffers with it taking over as well, don't forget that you can get an instagram widget or email your instagram photos to publish on your blog. I love my citrus trees, I've had tears today as we are getting a new shed and I have been told I have to move 3 Eureka lemon trees which are about 6 years old and are just starting to really produce fruit! I am sad that they might'nt survive and I have coaxed them along. They are still in position, but I have transplanted all the strawberries that were under them. I remember the day the 3 kids and I planted them and they each little kid claimed one, I feel so sad that the kids and I put so much effort into getting them really going and now they have to be moved! Hopefully they will be alright.



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