Sunday, 26 May 2013

Puppy Pre-School

The pups turned five months old yesterday.

Being born Christmas Day means we will always remember their age.  With permanent teeth making an appearance they're not far off working cattle, and with plans to wean in June which will mean plenty of work opportunities for them, today they were given the chance to safely work around some youngsters.  Two of the kids' show heifers and two of the milkers' calves the lucky participants.

With panels meshed in to prevent any kicks to the pups, they were put through their paces, honing their natural desire to work on the opposite side of a mob to the boss, teaching them to work both anti and clockwise to block the cattle.  These skills learnt in a safe, calm environment will stay with them for life when mustering situations aren't so calm, and cattle are larger and not so friendly.

Three of the four pups worked really well.

Buster showed absolutely no interest whatsoever.  Which is quite okay.  His maturity level a little behind his siblings (it's a boy thing) and his day will come.

On what was a glorious late Autumn morning, the crowd enjoyed the display,

before heading home for smoko.

Another wonderful weekend behind us, here's looking forward to a busy week ahead.


  1. I need training at dog training :-) sit, stay git behind and GET BACK are the extent my skills. I have sent a trained dog to "go around" but have no idea if were my instructions or the dog doing its on thing!

    We once had custody of a dog, who's sole command, apart from the basics of course, was "Get 'im blue". And get 'im indeed he did very well, but one had to be in close vicinity for the un-getting to happen (but woe betide the miscreant that needed getting!) Same dog would send one red in the face calling him to bed, to only find blue was right behind one the whole time, sitting quietly.(maybe heel was another of his skill set).

    Bet those milker calves were happy about being guinea pigs :-) next step = Priscilla?!!

  2. What a brilliant way to train pups. Wish I'd known about it years ago, it would have save those many hours with pups on leads. The pups certainly are keen (except for Buster, of course). I hope they weren't just showing off for the audience!!

  3. Beautiful light in your photos and good to see working dogs.

  4. Glorious photos- I especially like the ones of the dogs' heads, looking so alert and full of life and bounce! The ones of your children are lovely too, in that soft light.



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