Saturday, 4 May 2013

Saturday on the Farm

You'll be pleased to hear yesterday's Acco-venture went without hiccup.  A load of cattle transported to Bottle Tree without major incident, a procession of 'slow' signs as opposed to 'stop' signs through the various roadworks between here and town, and then green lights most of the way through civilisation.  A lucky day indeed.

Today started with a breakfast recently sighted on one of those cooking shows.  Crepes rolled with a filling of ham and gruyere cheese.

A hearty start to a day filled with strainers ...

and pliers,

and ending with a completed fence-line.  Fred the retired wonder-dog joined us, too precious to travel in the back of the ute with most of the kids,

he takes pride of place on the back seat.

We returned home in that golden hour of beautiful Autumn lighting,

with enough time for Dad to put a little more work into the dog cages,

while chores were completed.

A bumper crop of mandarins have everybody watching for a change of colour,

though lemons are good to go.

Ruby kept a close eye on Mama Pig

while this fat porker enjoyed his last supper.  With hungry children with a penchant for bacon, ham or sausages for breakfast, he'll enter the cold room tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Great photos as always Fiona, that Autumn light is beautiful although just not enough hours of light on this farm at the moment ;)

  2. Crepes with that tasty filling would be popular brekkie (or lunch or dinner) here.

  3. wowsers, that is a fancy breakfast, but I bet they were still all starving come smoko time!

    How does the Big Fella feel about his bum (or at least his back pocket) being on the www? (all for the blog dear ;-)?

    MIL's mando's are on the green side but ripe on the inside - and falling off the tree. She brought me a box yesterday, if the kids don't hurry up and eat them I'll have to juice them or seek mandarine recipes. Or else the chooks will be in for a treat!

    That light hasn't been strong here just yet, maybe the sun has to shift a little further. Must be about time for a dodgy family portrait though when the light does happen!

  4. I absolutely love your photos and words. Thank you, always!
    Ali in Switzerland

  5. Every word and picture of your blog has me enthralled. It is so different from my life. I can only dream of harvesting my own lemons and mandarins. (I think I'll pass over the chance to own a pig!)

  6. Lovely to see your pretty daughter I this soft go,den light and I love popping in here to learn about your life. Can only dream on growing lemons .... sigh!

  7. Its been a long time since I have made crepes....delicious!

  8. Note to self: Don't read Fiona's blog when I'm hungry. I read the entire post and all I can think about is the food in the pictures. I had no idea you guys grew fruit!



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