Monday, 13 May 2013

Weekend Warriors

Me and my gang weekended at Bottle Tree.

There were bulls to be taken out ... again.  Not content with enjoying each other's masculine company over the Winter months, they wreaked havoc on fencelines and re-joined the girls.  It keeps us on our toes.

See those two pesky black bulls in amongst the grey stud cows.  Not meant to be there.
We caught up with some old cow-friends,

and contemplated weaning.

With calves nearly as big as their mamas, it's almost time.

With fences to mend, bulls to draft and one last little group of big calves to brand, we filled in the weekend.

We even found evidence of a rock slide on Mount Figtree,

pleased to have missed the actual event.

Mother's Day saw an amazing assortment of gifts and cards from my team,

This calendar from Sally explaining the extended absences each evening this past week as she locked herself in the office.

I love it.

Of course Mother's Day without two flat tyres and an extended walk may have been even better.

Special thanks to Nanny and Grandad for rescuing us.
Some weeks I'm pleased to see Monday come round.


  1. In true stalkerish form I am not even kidding when I say I want to come visit you & pat those cows & fix busted ass tyres on the side of the road. Is that too weird? Love Nik x

  2. I guess the young bulls thoughts of Springtime came a bit early. Show
    them a sharp knife and that may give them something to think about????
    The cruelest of cuts, I suspect!!! OUCH!

    The countryside looks pretty good, a bit more rain before winter might help.
    Your cattle look in pristine condition. How come your kids can get up
    so close and friendly with the cows as shown - I think photos 3,4 and 6.????

    Very interesting blog report on all, your countryside photos are marvellous.

    Bad luck about the flat tires. As they say, never a dull moment.

    Hoping the spammers, who obviously have precious little to do, keep their nuisances to
    themselves. Thanks for the reply.
    I strangely have no problems with them, my PC Expert at great expense, seems to have stopped them.
    I get no spam mail at all. I did once from a very peculiar person. He not only got me but family and friends, caused a real rumpus. I think if you have "facebook" that is how they get access. Well that is what I have been told.

  3. Love your weekend, makes me appreciate life.

    A friend of mine was crushed by her horse team penning and is currently in ICU with horrific injuries. You just don't know when life's gonna' throw you a hand ball.

    Celebrate and be happy every day...


    1. So sorry to hear that Karen. A great reminder to make the most of every day.

  4. just what you want is a snap happy kid when your sitting rather grumpily (well I would be) beside the second flat tyre!

    Country drying off a bit down there, but geez don't those weaners look in good order. Ours are but dwarves beside them!

    Love Sal's calendar (boy hasn't she grown this year!) especially the careful colouring of particular dangly bull bits. My favourite mothers day gift from my boy was a carefully dyed bit of nose blowing tissue, and paper hand towel. (not to be used for their intended purposes apparently though)

  5. Your photography is just stunning and I m so fascinated by your lives .... Wonderful golden light nd hat sweet gifts :).

  6. Sorry about the flat :(
    As always, I really enjoyed the photos. They are gorgeous!

  7. Love the whole family involvement in farm life. Such wonderful memories you are creating and recording with your beautiful photography.



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