Friday, 21 June 2013

My Big Girl is Home

The three youngsters and I drove in after school Wednesday afternoon to collect her.  And a few groceries.  Having reached the northern outskirts of town headed in a homeward direction, she remembered she'd left her rowing gear behind.  We re-crossed the bridge while I sighed audibly and she apologised profusely.

We got home late and ate chinese on the floor of the lounge room in front of the heater.  Mongolian Lamb makes everything better.

We've been sneaking in a little cattle work in between baking cakes, boiling corned beef and slicing fillet steak in preparation for a P & C catering job at a local clearing sale this Saturday.  Catering for  600 to 1000 people is a fairly big job for our little crew.

Sarah has a rowing regatta in town, Dad will drop her off on his way to Bottle Tree, and we'll all head in to see her compete in the singles on Sunday.  Exciting times.


  1. You're catering for 1000! Lady, you never fail to amaze me right outta my chair.

    Good to see your girl back in the saddle. x

    1. Catering for 600 is okay Bron, if you know you're catering for 600. Catering for 1000 is also not so bad if you know you're catering for 1000. A problem arises when you're not quite sure if you're catering for 600 or 1000!
      And I'm no super-caterer, just one member of a wonderful team.

  2. Really quite the super mum; and from your photos, everything you do, you do it beautifully and with style.

    PS Australian Geographic asked for favourite Australian blogs yesterday; I nominated yours and one other. Not sure where it leads.

    Good luck with the catering!

    Ali in Switzerland

    1. Ali, I'm truly flattered
      ... and believe me, definitely no supermum ... just ask my kids!

    2. I think you might be super, but if you'd like, we could come to a compromise, and I could call you "just a little bit super"??!?!?!

      You make life look beautiful; it's an art - even if it doesn't always feel that way in the daily work.

      So to you who is just a little bit super,
      Have a great weekend

  3. A busy weekend ahead for wishes to Sarah with the regatta. Bonita xx

  4. It must be wonderful to have all the kids together at home.
    Good luck with the catering job. x

  5. My big girl is home too. She went to a Casino and played Blackjack. Don't know how I will keep her down on the farm now! Looks like I need some Sharon wisdom.

  6. Must be SO great having the gang altogether again. Hope you all have a great weekend and good luck to Sarah for Sunday and for the catering too!!! I take my hat off to you Fiona, catering for 7 is hard enough for me! Mel x

  7. Good luck with the catering....and you might spot my nieces in the regatta crowd on Sunday!

  8. Oh my goodness, what a huge number of cater for! Hoping for old weather and happy photos. How lovely to have your big girl home and to be ale todo lots of,nice things together ... My one big girl is coming home this weekend :).



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