Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Queensland Style

As un-Australian as it seems, we tend to not take professional sport very seriously in this house.  The actions of many of our elite athletes leaving much to be desired when it comes to role-model type behavior.  Rather than idolise those people lucky enough to be born with the genetic advantage of athleticism, I prefer to encourage the children to notice the everyday heroes amongst us.  The paramedics, nurses, teachers, firefighters, mums, dads, everyday people whose everyday work makes a real difference to others.

Having said that, there is always some excitement around State of Origin night.  Jess headed off to school in her maroon scarf, mainly to antagonise her NSW-born teacher and Wallace planned the evening's menu.  Sally refused to put her coat on, despite the chill of the morning, as it's coloured blue.

So I'm thinking these aptly coloured patty cakes will go over a treat for afternoon smoko.


  1. now seeing as these are sugar free, what have you made the icing from (and good lord, what are they coloured with, beetroot juice?!!)

    1. Beetroot Juice? Well I hadn't thought of that! No, just a good dash of red and a lesser dash of blue colouring. And the icing uses dextrose in place of icing sugar. They're good I'm told.

    2. good to hear (I was getting a bit worried you had gone really alternate with the beetroot juice!) so the dextrose is good for baking AND for icing....wonder what it would be like in my morning coffee.

  2. Super colour cupcakes Fiona! Wonderful!

    My colours today are bright blue (sky), bright yellow (daisies), bright green (grass like Australians can only dream of), and white (snow-capped mountains). People were complaining here about the late spring snow and rain, but I told them, as an Aussie, believe me, better a wet spring and a green summer, than a dry spring and a brown summer.... you farming girls will back me up on that!

    Greetings from Switzerland

  3. I bet the teacher will be crowing today!

  4. That is a stunning shade on your cupcakes!



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