Friday, 28 June 2013

School Holidays One Week In

The word 'busy' is on my list of detestable words, right alongside 'awesome', 'epic' and '24-7'.  And so I prefer to think of our lives this past week as being rather 'full' instead.

Saturday, first day of our school holidays saw the three younger children and myself at a local clearing sale, our school's P&C catering for the crowd estimated to be somewhere between 600 and 1000.

Many sandwiches were cut, cakes baked, snags rolled and steaks flipped on what was a wonderful fundraising opportunity for our small school.  Matthew headed to Bottle Tree, dropping Sarah at the river enroute.

Sunday we all accompanied Sarah to her rowing regatta enjoying an early, cool start.

Dad couldn't wait around for Sarah's race, again heading to Bottle Tree.

Monday afternoon, after a morning spent preparing, packing, cleaning

and list checking,

we loaded the truck with cattle, kids and enough clothing and food to support a trek through the Kathmandu Valley and headed to town for the annual 'holiday camp' that is Junior Beef.

Sarah and Jessie's second visit, first time for the two youngest.

Home today to work through the mountainous pile of denim currently smothering the laundry, tomorrow we head back to Bottle Tree to commence weaning.  With a fully beefed-up team, overflowing with new found beef knowledge, there'll undoubtedly be plenty of opinions thrown around the yards in coming days.


  1. All looking very smart in their show outfits.
    These photos bring back memories of parading at Wingham beef week in high school. x

  2. awesomely epically busy here too ;-) have such confidence don't they?! Jessie leading that great lump of beef with no trace of worry on her face! I noticed my boy has no fear all of a sudden too - "helping" yard up and right in there where a cow could quite easily snot him for looking and sounding like a persistent yappy dog, but his sheer confidence kept them away.

    We've school camped, mustered, weaned, vaccinated....a nieces birthday celebration tomorrow and with steers to do next week, I'm left with little school holiday time in which to relish not-making-lunches-every-morning. And a WHOLE lot of washing (apparently there is a pyjama shortage, here I was focusing on socks, undies and jeans!)

  3. ps the two big girls are suddenly looking very grown up, sort of felt like I saw into the future in some of these shots! where have the past couple of years disappeared?!

  4. Your kids are gorgeous! Love reading your blog - gives me inspiration to get moving - (and maybe make chocolate slice today!)

  5. Splendid photos, and don't they look grown up? Wondering how,the race went - the scenery looks beautifully serene ...



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