Friday, 14 June 2013

"Spread your arms and hold your breath
and always trust your cape".      Guy Clarke

Jessie's cape failed her this past Tuesday evening.

Fourteen years, four children, first break.

A tumble from a hay trailer.  

With Dad on the tractor baling, Wallace driving the vehicle pulling the hay trailer, Jess and Sally stacking while I threw hay on, all we were missing was Sarah.  
And an OH & S officer.

After what had been a particularly long day, Matthew and I out of bed before 4 to travel to Rolleston for a sale and information session on Certified Pasturefed Beef, we picked the kids up from our lovely neighbour on dark, racing home to bale hay before the forecast rain arrived.

Stopped while we chatted to Sarah on Dad's speaker-phone, Wallace's foot slipped off the clutch, causing a lurch forward resulting in Jess coming off the tail.

Reading the "cry-o-scale", I knew this one had hurt.
Installed in the front seat next to Wallace (who was possibly more upset than Jess), we finished the task at hand, home for a late tea at 9.

Off to bed with a panadol and the treat of no bath, Matthew's and my expert medical opinions suggested all would be better in the morning.

A trip to town proved a different result.

She's now plotting how she can still hold an animal in one hand, a show-cane in the other and not miss any of the Junior Beef action coming up these holidays.


  1. Oh - poor darling.

    Am sure she will be better in no time.

    (I think you did well to get through 14 years with no break....!)

  2. Old Nev knows when it's best to say nothing.

  3. Oh no, poor Jessie! And Wallace too, dear boy - my Charlie would feel just the same. I hope it heals quickly because she sounds like she won't be missing any action at the Junior Beef event regardless :-) Have a great weekend! Mel x

  4. track record is FAR worse than your track record, one broken (or half) foot, one broken arm, one bent collarbone, and one in ICU. (not to mention whooping cough). Gawd, what does that say about my parenting skills or lack thereof?!!

    And god knows what old nev will say about THAT!

  5. ps there's a lot a girl can do with a red cast - good thing she did it in winter!

  6. Lucky it's a short cast! I reckon she'll be able to give it a good go!

  7. Poor Jessie. you have done pretty well avoiding a broken bone for so long with your four active kids. x

  8. Another terrible mother who's sent her child to bed with a broken bone and the reasurring words that all will be well in the morning!
    On the plus side, you finished the job.

  9. Oh, so sorry to read this and lots of sympathy to Jess. That top photo is very poignant. Hoping it will heal well and fast for her ... Must have been a nasty shock for you all :(.

  10. Great colour selection for a cast. Wishing you a speedy recovery. We too have tried the panadol and sleep combination for broken bones with our patient ... oops!

  11. You know me Sharon. Old Mr Zippit himself.



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