Tuesday, 23 July 2013

101 Border Collies

We've eight dogs in the Rock Wallaby plant at the moment.
That's a lot of meaty-bites.
A lot of whistling. 
A lot of poop.
And a whole lot of yelping, yapping, howling and barking EVERY. NIGHT.

This is Max.

He's a keeper.
Loyal.  Smart.  Obedient.

And handsome.
As I explained to my girls ...
husband material really.

Bronze is the smallest of the group.

Her behaviour's a little erratic.
In fact she's possibly a natural blonde.
And looking for a new home.

As is Buster.
The big, happy, black and white labrador.

Amy is probably the pick of the pups.
She was away enjoying quality time with Sal when these photos were taken.

So of the six pups born to Ruby and Fred Christmas Day, Jett and Biddy have already been placed, Bronze and Buster are leaving and Amy and Max staying.

Of course, the black and whites all play second fiddle to my beauty.


  1. Your husband material comment really made me smile :). What a lovely clutch of dogs ...

  2. "Husband material" also got me. There's something so clever in your gentle injection of humour into your brief sentences. Gorgeous stuff - and gorgeous pics Fiona.

    Best wishes from you know where... another perfect alpine summer's day,

  3. Max is indeed the ideal 'husband material', along with handsome, good looking, debonnair...
    Always glad to catch up Fiona and see what happens in your corner of the world!

  4. Ella is indeed a looker, an Amazonian beauty. That diet I thought you had her on appears to have gone well ;-)

    We had an "incident" recently where I, having done the right thing and kept the old black collie/kelpie tart here locked up, went out to discover the mongrel fluffy dog from across the road IN the locked pen with her. Won't that be an interesting cross.

  5. I'm not really a doggy person but if I was I'd be drawn to Border collies. Love those floppy ears!

  6. We just got our first one last week and I'm over the poop and pee already. Regardless she is already ensconced in the family and I'm so pleased to see the border collie is your dog of choice. Makes me feel we made the right decision.



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