Friday, 12 July 2013

A Somewhat Disjointed Recap

The children are settling back into school routine.

Sarah's evening calls home always a little longer this first week back.  

The younger three are actually relieved to be sleeping in a little later than they were allowed through holidays.

Jess has regained full use of her left arm.  A left jab at her brother seemingly no problem at all.

Weaning is officially over.  Steers trucked to their new home.  Heifers here at Rock Wallaby moved to their 'big kid' paddock with limited fuss.  Here now consists of Number 2 and Number 3 heifers as opposed to Number 1 and Number 2 heifers, the Number 1's having been backloaded to Bottle Tree where they'll become mamas later in the year.  Confusing.  Not so much as at Chabo where some of the paddocks are named numbers, so the Number 2 mickeys are in No. 3, and the Number 3 weaner bulls are in No. 2.  Got it?  Thankfully there are only breeders in No. 4.

My big brother's been with us this past week doing some dozer work.  Matthew's been away all week, so it's been nice having the extra company.  My kids love him.  As do I.  One day Jess will fully appreciate her brother as well.

I had a quick daytrip to Bottle Tree.

Those calves we left on their mums now look like they should have been weaned.

That's always the way.  We'll pull everything off in six weeks, to give mama cows time to get back in shape before their next baby arrives.

Matthew preg-tested 1200 cows last weekend.  No amount of in-wash Napisan seems to be helping with the stains.

This weekend we head back to Bottle Tree.  Hopefully we'll have all the cattle work up to date for a period of time then, and can start on some Rock Wallaby yard building.  Fun times ahead.


  1. I love the chook in your header.
    I bet the kids are glad school is back and I hope you enjoy the slightly slower pace before super busy life takes over again.

  2. knackered, that's how I feel after reading that, re-organising the show sounds so much easier on paper than reality. My kids also enjoying the routine of back-to-school as well. Thankfully our cattle work is done, any further just involves opening gates and making sure they are all out in a day or so.

    But, instead of yard building we have poly pipe to lay. Won't that be a family bonding experience. All with no sign of rain, although apparently all meteorological signs indicate is should.

    Glad to hear Jess is untroubled by the break. Left hooks for brothers are handy....I bet he'll be pleased to have so many sister in a few years, when they start bringing their friends home to visit ;-)

  3. Yes just reading your happenings has made me tired. You sure are a busy bunch. x

  4. My goodness you have to be the hardest working family in Australia. And the thought of washing pregnancy-testing clothes!! Yikes!

  5. Time for him to buy some looong plastic gloves!
    Those phone calls must be lovely for you both. She is probably having a good rest after all the hard work!
    I have a brother called Matthew too. I've never met a bad one.

  6. That's the first time I ever heard of anyone getting up earlier in the holidays than on a normal day!

  7. Your life sounds full and busy! Just run that past me. Again - the kids get up earlier in the holidays?

  8. The photo of the view down the road with the big sky...... Breathe taking.

  9. How is Pete? Your photos as always crisp and tell the story, your writing as always witty! Where I grew up we had a number 1 and 2 paddocks...not very creative at all!

  10. 1200 cows is a lot to preg check in one weekend. Whew!



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