Wednesday, 17 July 2013

In this House...

... we don't really do football,

though it is on the television at the moment.
Third State of Origin.

During the first State of Origin game, Jess helped me create this new piece of wall-art.  With a computer print-out ruled into a grid, 

the freshly painted chalkboard was also ruled with gridlines and we set about copying square by square.  We did end up printing some special fonts from the computer and tracing, so not all free-hand.

What is missing from the sign

and probably should be present is:
we also do messy,
we do grumpy,
we do early mornings,
we do laundry,
lots and lots of dirty laundry.


  1. looks great Fiona.
    love the laundry addition, a common occurrence in your home i'm sure.

  2. What effort to make that sign but it looks so good ... laundry, yuck :( but yes to adding messy.

  3. Love it! I think I might think about making one for our crazy home (with the input of the family)...


  4. that is just brilliant! what a great labour of love...although I would be worried some whipper snapper would come along, wet his forefinger and carefully smudge or alter some words!

    I really think you should add the other bits too.

    Look at you, being all crafty! What with the coloured pants and the crafty-ness, what's happened to you?!

  5. ps I wonder if you went over with a chalk pen it might make it more permanent? They had some at school and they said they gave a great finish but an absolute bugger to get off. More like a semi-permanent marker with the chalky look.

  6. Not loving the State of Origin score tonight but I'm loving your sign. It's perfect. I echo your sentiments on the laundry front entirely!! Mel x

  7. Much better way to spend the night than watching the football. It looks great and I love the extras you thought of.

  8. Pretty impressive Fiona! I would have done a print on photo paper and put that in a frame ... you have done the real thing and it has come up really well.

  9. Love that sign, well worth the effort you put into it. You could have added, We do creative!

  10. What a wonderful piece of art! Hope it never gets rubbed off . Your children will benefit so much from seeing this on a regular basis in the home - brilliant.

  11. What a brilliant idea! We need something like that around our place!

  12. Looks fab but I fear that if I tried something similar that the beautiful calligraphy would be rubbed out and "witty" (rude) words scribbled in. I agree with Sharon that you should add the other bits too.

  13. I love this Fiona...I have hardly been on the blog so this is gorgeous! I don't really do football either, i made it to half time...

  14. I really love this. Just what a family should be about - and it looks beautiful too. I have a little table with lots of Yorkshire sayings inscribed on it, but that was printed, not carefully drawn like yours.
    To answer your questions - heatwave here is 30ºC and slightly above. I know, that's your Spring, right? But we don't have air-con in our homes, and it's humid heat too.
    Not sure what the bull in my picture is. (I'm not acquainted with many cattle! Not like you.) The pictures of shorthorns look not dissimilar. The Show programme vaguely mentions Belgian Blues - but it doesn't look as muscular as they are supposed to be. Sorry, I'm hopeless.

  15. I stumbled across your blog yesterday afternoon and settled in for a night of farming with you and your cherubs. You stories and images are delightful, you life is blessed.
    As for the Origin, we have 2 born in NSW (+ hubby and I) and 2 in QLD. Split even, but the moroons took it home again :(
    Lovely to "meet" you
    Liv x



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