Monday, 1 July 2013

What Day is It?

Today was the third consecutive day we've left home in the dark to head for Bottle Tree.

Weaning is in progress and the days are full.  Though multi-tasking is said to be a woman's gift, the above photo is all I've managed these past days.  Wallace and Sally saw to righting that wrong today and plucked the camera from the car.

We normally NLIS tag our calves as we brand, though a slight miscommunication between the organising committee and procuring department saw us fall short last branding, resulting in an extra job this weaning.

With Dad somewhere in the Arcadia Valley drafting feeders, my team and I weighed, tagged

and trucked steers,

and then tagged heifers.

If only Steel's enthusiasm could be harnessed and used for good.

His self-training hopefully paying off at next year's dog jump at our local show.

I'm hopeful Wallace has no intentions of crossing the Grand Canyon on a tight-rope,

instead choosing to cast his eye over proceedings from a lofty height.

Tomorrow will be our first full day at home these holidays.  There's a bath to clean, floors to mop, washing to fold, lawns to mow.  Super holiday fun no doubt.  Wednesday we head to town for the removal of Jessie's plaster and some overdue hair trims, before heading back to Bottle Tree Thursday to wean these chubby stud calves

who will truck home Friday with the heifers.

A weekend full of preg-testing (not our own) will see the holidays come to an end.
Life's full.
And good.


  1. Glad to see J's cast doesn't appear to be constraining her activity too much, but I'll bet she'll be glad to get it off. Hope all has healed well. Impressed by that big rig - who drives that?

  2. Those children of yours don't get a chance to chime the- I'm bored or there's nothing to do, that I'm sure feature in many school holidays.

  3. A full life indeed, Fi. You and your team are incomparable. I just cracked up at Steel's enthusiasm - great shot!

  4. wolf whistle at the shelia in the middle ;-)

    Our holidays sound similar to yours, but with less chubby weaners and probably just as many, if not more, miles covered. Have to go and tackle a few unbranded weaners on Saturday before they are turned I too have two days "off" to look despairingly at the uncared for house and very crunchy lawn...its been three weeks of hardly being home. I vote for a more relaxing school holidays next time round! (needless to say, my dining table has hardly been wiped down with a dishcloth, let alone sanded down and stained and painted as I had envisioned!)

  5. It does sound like a very full holiday but busy is good and it certainly looks like life is good. Love the kids photography.

  6. Fiona - please let me know if you get tired of me saying, your writing, stories and photos are wonderful!

    I love living here in the Alps; but every times I see your blog (and I'm so glad I see your blog), I'm back in the best of Australia. I have just been mountaineering in the high alps for a week - mindblowing and unreal - and there's something grounding about coming back home, and reading about Aussie bush life!

    Thank you! Best wishes from Klosters,



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