Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another Chapter Closed

You know you're getting older,

or at least your children are ...

... when you convert the sandpit

into a herb garden.

I found this little Tonka car whilst preparing the garden.

I'm proud of the fact that I didn't cry.

But I think it will have to stay as a memento of the many hours spent in that sandpit by these four kids.


  1. Another chapter Fiona. Memories last a life time x

  2. yep. I think they're nearly done here, and then one day they suddenly have a need to build roads and get the tonkas out again.

    I wasn't sad to see the last nappy go though!

  3. I've had that little sob for you Fiona! I am, however, sure that I love every age that kids are....and maybe that is why I have six.....
    Look forward to hearing about the herbs.

  4. That would be such a fitting tribute, giving it a place:). With love and a tinge of sadness. You did well it to cry - I think I might have shed a tear or two.

  5. One chapter closed another open. I haven't missed the sand coming into the house though!!!!

  6. Yes, pop it on the edge of the herb garden to overlook how things are going! I was just thinking the same thing about our sandpit the other day - I took photos too!

    Hey, I loved your comment about the glass ... I had to hunt around to find more items OTHER than wine, beer or shot glasses!

  7. Mmm, one of those years for us too with our last child finishing high school! Where have all the years gone??!!

  8. Maybe one day you will make it a sandpit again for your grandkids!!



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