Friday, 2 August 2013

Clearing the Memory Card

It's birthday month here again.

Only twenty-three sleeps ...

... until this baby of mine

... turns nine I'm told.

Ten minutes with these larrikins on the trampoline yesterday afternoon meant an overflowing memory stick.

Of course I would have preferred had they not been in school uniform.

Jess, fully recovered after a belly bug struck Tuesday night.  
One of those bugs resulting in whirring washing machines, buckets and towels.
Fortunately nobody else has yet succumbed to the same.

Earlier in the week we enjoyed a special morning tea for a very special teacher who has moved on from our little school.

Of course I'm disappointed now that more photos weren't taken.

Uncle Pete is still here working away on the old dozer.

We're gong to miss him when he finishes up.
Though I think he'll be back in a few weeks to start raking, then we can do some seeding in preparation for the early wet season they're talking about.  (Fingers crossed for our northern and western friends).

These two girls are lucky enough to have their two old horses at home, both in need of some extra special care over Winter.  The other horses remain at Bottle Tree.

There's been a little shooting practice off the verandah,

something I perhaps should join in, after two failed shots at a large brown snake in the backyard.

Iceblocks have been enjoyed during what has been a particularly mild Winter.

Sarah will be home this evening, bringing with her a friend from school.  Undoubtedly Matthew will spend the day plotting tricks to play on them all the way home.

Nothing like embarrassing your children in front of their mates.
Happy weekend all.


  1. Only 25 more sleeps for my girl turns 9 here. We need to talk cakes. Miss Mac has just bought a cake pop maker. Thinking of taking advantage of her shopping and making a spotty cake. May live to regret that decision.

    My snake weapon of choice is long piece of high tensile wire, which is never hanging up where it should be when I want it. Hence strategically placed long handled rakes and post hole shovels around the place. (not so handy when wanting to use implement for its intended purpose). Although have found rake a little tricky, snake winding around the tines and being flung at you on downward strike by husband somewhat traumatic.

    No loss of time at your place since the loosening of tree clearing guidelines I see ;-) I look forward to seeing not only this early wet season, but the fruits of your labour.

  2. Beautiful photos of your gorgeous tribe Fiona. Love the black and white one of Wally and Jess :-) My girl is also 9 this month too - scary stuff!!! Have a great weekend! Mel x

  3. Fiona,
    Your blog posts are like a visit; showing such detail as they do, I almost smell the Outback. Your photos are beautiful - the black and white ones are particularly lovely.
    Thank you for sharing bits of your life

  4. All the kids look like they have matured and grown so much in recent months. I have had it with the snakes this summer. Between the farm and here we have seen four and that is four more than what I'd like to see!

  5. So glad we don't have snakes. Wonderful photos.

  6. Don't those birthdays come around fast! Great photos Fiona x

  7. The best Aussie life experience! Your photos look more remote than the periphery of the big smoke, where is your little oasis? x

  8. It's always fun to catch up with your family Fiona! What a blessing to see all these kiddies laughing! Thanks for sharing,

  9. I got a couple of those solar snake deterrent gadgets advertized in the rural products magazine left in our mailbox last year and sent a couple down to Bredbo for my other son.
    We have been using them for over twelve months and neither of us have seen a snake in the vicinity in that time. My daughter-in-law actually takes one out into the garden with her when she is weeding etc, (but then she's like that).
    For under a hundred bucks a pair I reckon they are a good investment, especially where there are kids about,

  10. I love your ability with the camera to snap such happy action shots - and getting a little peek into your lives is always so enriching. Though I am not used to seeing young ones with guns, the need to preserve life and limb is clearly vital!



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