Sunday, 18 August 2013


Having been scraping the bottom of the deep freezer these past weeks,

we killed the fatted calf early this Sunday morning and enjoyed some of the spoils as a late Sunday breakfast.

Traditions die hard, and when Matthew first learnt to butcher working in the far north of this state some many years ago, the skirt steak was always enjoyed fresh from the kill.  And so it was today.

The skirt which is actually the muscle forming the diaphragm is easily removed of its outer membrane, cut into small pieces, floured and fried in butter.  Alongside a generous serve of onion gravy coupled with an early morning anatomy lesson for those interested, it was a beautiful start to the day.

Quartered and hung in the cold room, we will further 'break him down' later in the week.

Yet another tradition of the 'kill', the heart of the beast is given to the most deserving dog of the moment.

Of course this week there could be no more willing recipient than Ruby, daughter of Fred the Wonderdog, lover of all things water-related

and mother of these great givers of joy.

Much time was spent this Sunday afternoon enjoying all that is puppy-love.

These three girls with their grand plans of becoming Veterinary Surgeons, going into practice together and playing with puppies all their working lives.

 Keep working Dad.  Boarding school fees are just the beginning.


  1. They are brave girls. The butchering at my parents' farm was something I wouldn't watch. I even went vegetarian for 3 years after they sold "my" cow, as I didn't want to accidentally eat her. Then I realised, that although we don't need to eat meat, if we're going to eat it, there's nowhere healthier or more delicious than at home with home-grown meat. Still... those girls are brave than I!

    - Ali of the Alps :-)

  2. A great life lesson.
    My sister did the same as Ali above, went veg after we killed and ate one of our own beasts (for a short spell!).
    Love the picture of 3 + heart, cracked me up!
    Have a great (protein filled) week Fiona

  3. Ah yes, we used to watch our neighbours butcher their own sheep and pigs. Confronting stuff but it's important to be mindful where our food actually comes from. Those puppies are the cutest things on the planet! Can you send one down here please :-) Mel x

  4. A good honest piece and an enviable lifestyle. Looks as though you won't go hungry for a while.

  5. "Grow your own" in the extreme! And yes, you can see why it's called puppy love. Adorable (the pups and the girls).

  6. Great photos again...I'm sure your girls will make great Veterinarians! And even if they don't they will always love their animals. WE've been the same here but Lach's no butcher so we get it cut up in town...but we are still enjoying the homegrown protein, the fruits of our labour!

    1. Kids, puppies and raising you own beef, life is good.
      But! I like fried heart and I can tell you the dog would not be getting it............. ;)



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