Monday, 5 August 2013

The Wonder Years

If I had a dollar for every time somebody has warned me about the perils of parenting teenage children ... I wouldn't be doing my own ironing.

From when my four were just tiny babies, toddlers, cute-as-button little ones, complete strangers have enjoyed not only pinching their chubby cheeks and ruffling their fluffy curls in supermarket queues ... but also advising me on parenting methods and sharing their predictions of what lay ahead ... scenes complete with teenage attitude, defiance, door-slamming, raucous music and clearasil.

And though I'm probably not terribly well qualified to comment just yet, with only one having reached the teen years and one six months off, I'm happy to report that so far ... so good.  And with enough faith in the foundations we've laid during their younger years, I'm quietly confident that the next few years won't be too taxing. (Feel free to remind of this statement later if need be).

Sarah brought home a friend from school this past weekend.  A beautiful young girl who doesn't have the opportunity to go home from one set of school holidays to the next.

She fit in with our crew perfectly.  Another unpretentious, sweet, kind young teenager.

Happy to play with the younger kids, much of the weekend was spent on the trampoline.

Left on their own, while Matthew and I went to start cutting posts, they were under strict instructions not to climb trees in our absence.
Which they assured us they wouldn't.

One can only imagine my surprise to find these images on my camera.



  1. :-)

    Here we go: ... teenage brain circuitry... well enough explained for you, your husband and your teenager too! (A super speaker, and super explanations about why teenagers are not like the little kids we once knew them to be!)

    Sunny greetings from Davos,

  2. Teenagers just need to push the boundaries with their parents sometimes - hell, I still find I need to do that with my mother and I haven't been a teenager for decades! Love the photographic evidence of them not climbing trees. Are they jumping from that tree onto the trampoline or is it further away than it appears?

  3. Ha ha I think that is just 'kids'. Great photos though.

  4. Love always manage to make me well written! you have beautiful children and they look like they are having the time of their lives!

  5. Your photos tell the story of happy, well-adjusted young people exploring their world with energy and curiosity, and loving being outside. Reminds me of my own tree-climbing and tree-loving daughter - who really appreciates her memories of it now and will still climb a tree at the first opportunity. (I am whispering this, but our teenagers weren't at all teenager-ish in the way people seem to allude to. They were delightful. Hang on in there and trust your own judgment :))

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. My brother in law got a lot of airtime, both in Australia and OS for this teenage song he wrote:
    I don't have flash player yet so it won't allow me to post the link, but type:
    'Peter Denahy, Sorta Dunno Nothing'
    into youtube and have a good laugh.

    I love your first line. Ironing would definitely be the first thing i'd outsource too if we could afford it.
    Have a nice week
    Liv x

  8. how did I miss this post?! Never fear, I think you're pretty safe when they don't have the smarts to not leave evidence of their broken promises! (and truth be told, if that's the worst rebellion you get, life is pretty sweet yes?)

    Just quietly, I'm a wee bit afraid myself. How's the harmony between the two girls?!



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