Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Wonderful Cycle of Seasons and Life

The seasons seem to come and go with such speed I'm left still trying to sort through kids' winter clothes as they're pulling out togs and playing under the hose.  The seasonal cycle apparent today during a quick trip to Bottle Tree.  Our resident Mama

and Papa Black Swan proudly presenting their eight ugly duckling offspring.

And these little tykes beginning to dot the landscape.

I'm prepared to make the call that Winter is over, today reaching over 30 degrees and that time of year, when if you've been remiss in starting the lawn sprinkling program, you'll feel the crunch of dry grass underfoot enroute to the clothes line.  Sheets of dust are wafting through the house every time the bike or ute passes.  Paddocks are drying off, awaiting the first early spring storms.

And along with the new signets and new calves, we've been delighted with some more new additions this week.

Our dear Ruby presenting five puppies ... four girls and one boy.

Having only cleared the dog cages last week, with three dogs going to new homes, these unplanned delights have actually been warmly welcomed.

Kids surfacing for food and sleep only.

I've again given the order to cease horse-rugging and think these white legs are about to find themselves back in shorts.
Spring has sprung.  Bring on the storms.


  1. Great to see signs of spring and all that new life. 30 degrees is a hot summer here though!

  2. Hi, I've been expecting the Ekka westerlies but they haven't come yet. Do you think winter is really over? I hope so. Though it hasn't been that cold in Brisbane this year. So many cute babies at your place. I'd spend all day playing with them all!

  3. Aawww - new life, so precious!!

  4. just love those wide eared looks from the calves. very healthy looking specimens, particularly that black mama who has been in a VERY good paddock!

    puppies and kids, fun times in a few weeks when they start their little yipping and growling. They too are very healthy specimens!

    Dust, oh the dust here. Have been pouring water on the lawn for weeks (and today resorted to the watering around the shed in a vain attempt to stop some of the dust) its meant to hit 35 here on the weekend. Mid August. Geez its going to be a long spring/summer if those early storms don't roll in (apparently old timer folklore says warm winter means early storms?). In the meantime, we are pumping water furiously, trucking troughs just as fast, and am sure husband has that pipe laying gleam in his eye (wait a few more days dear, its not hot enough yet).

  5. I'd give anything for a 30C day right now. Enjoy. And how adorable are those babies.

  6. Fiona... The tiny puppy feet under the blue hat photo was my favorite today, but it's often very difficult to pick a favourite amongst each post's very beautiful photos. As much as you're announcing winter's end, I have felt an autumnal touch in the air here, marking summer's probable demise. August seems early for this, but I'm still learning about the seasons here. Wishing you happy spring storms! Ali

  7. Your calves looks wonderfully glossy and healthy. And who doesn't love puppies?! They are so cute, aren't they? I think winter has ended early here, too, this year. No complaints.

  8. Oh what little cuties. I bet they are being thoroughly loved. By the looks of it they will be Harry Potter fans. Those calves are gorgeous and healthy looking. I have never seen a signet.

  9. Your kids are privileged in ways that money can't buy, Fi. Look at all that life!

    Isn't the swan beautiful. I don't know that I've ever seen a black swan in real life. Was just thinking that when I saw your photo. x

  10. Ooo, spring is so close it makes my heart flutter. The joy of new life!

  11. More puppies.. too much cuteness. x

  12. That photo of your son with the little puppy to his face could grace a poster! Lovely photos ... Sorry to hear it has been so dry, though. Our winters are usually very wet. Wishing I could send you some water!

  13. You guys have several new additions at your house!

  14. Some great looking calves there Fiona, lovely cute puppies and of course the kids are adoring them. Your photos are particularly beautiful and natural. I lovely picture of your life you do paint!



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