Friday, 16 August 2013

There's something about a warm change in the weather ...

... that makes you want to put some shorts on and show the sun your winter white legs;

(that makes you wish you'd not indulged in so many warming winter dumplings);

that allows you to change your running program from late afternoon to early morning
(something to do with too many warming winter dumplings);

that makes you want to have all the sprinklers going at once and listen to the patter of water hitting the side of the house;

and that makes pesky teenage bulls feel terribly macho, resulting in them being in a paddock of donor heifers in which they should not be.

Beautiful Spring come early ... how I love this season.


  1. My day is waking up. There's an autumnal chill but it will feel like summer by lunchtime. Your warm weather post made me smile - it added something extra to my alpine morning.


  2. Love the change of season too Fiona. I relish the fact that the days are getting longer, meaning I seem to get more done! Great photos too x

  3. love the longer evenings too, getting more done, or just for that gentle time of day, after the chores are done but before the bath/dinner bustle begins. Love sitting out and enjoying the evening.

    I likee that bull.

    I have a conundrum. I have a hole in my boots (same as yours). They aren't buggered, but they let the sand in...what's a girl to do?! Should I venture down the patch of duct tape....

  4. I can't believe your winter has been so short - but glad for you too. Always nice to feel the air on one's skin.

  5. You think your legs are white? You should see mine ( and its the end of our summer!!)

  6. Sounds like the weather is really nice at your house!

  7. Oh am I loving your picture of spring, these are the things I love. Fortunately or unfortunately due to how north I am my legs have been out all winter it makes me a little sad missing the excitement of that first day your legs emerge after hiding all winter. Enjoy soaking up the warmer sun.

  8. I'm with you on the longer much more time and yes we started the air conditioner in that schoolroom this week...not for us but the's still August, did Winter even arrive?

  9. Go duct tape Sharon. Waste not want not in these uncertain troubled times.



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