Sunday, 8 September 2013

Rip, Tear, Bust

... best describes our current work pattern.

We ripped up to Bottle Tree this weekend, tore some cattle into the yards and nearly bust ourselves getting them sorted in daylight hours.  All part of the madness that is our weekends.  While Dad and Wallace truck cattle today, late weaners to come home, two sale bulls to deliver and a load to the meatworks, the girls and I are packing for school camp, the three youngsters departing for Brisbane tomorrow, leaving me childless.  All week.  I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

We do however, always make time to re-acquaint ourselves with old friends at Bottle Tree.

The old darling at the top always providing us with the first calf of the year in the stud paddock.

Her mates won't be too far behind her.  These late weaners needing to come home to make room.

With no time to run horses, it was a bike muster, Dad and an offsider bringing cattle in, while those left behind drafted.

This sweet baby girl, only a couple of days old has survived either a dog or eagle attack, sporting large puncture wounds over her loins.

 Kept aside with her Mum, she'll receive some penicillin today and hopefully make a full recovery.

Grandad's pesky black bull has again been removed from our stud paddock

amidst all manner of dark threats.

In other news, big brother Pete has returned and started stick-raking.

Having been a regular blog-reader and borne witness to creamy, sugary, chocolatey baking delights in the past, he's a little dismayed by our current anti-sugar campaign.

Bad timing Uncle Pete.

Thankfully we still enjoy the odd drink after a dusty day.

We've been putting some posts in the ground, new feed yards going up next to the working yards.

Wallace learning a lot of fencing skills including the all-important "Cobb & Co" fencing hitch.  There aren't too many things in the bush that can't be fixed with a cobb & co.

About twenty-four sets of ear-plugs have gone through the wash belonging to the chainsaw man and his team.  I don't feel I should have to do pockets.

Vege seedlings are ready to be planted in Plot 1 of the updated permaculture garden.

The big fella (under some protest) converted an old swing set into a new moveable chook pen.

My dome suffering one too many escaped pig attacks.

Sarah has been driving at every opportunity, less than two years till she gets her learner's permit we're informed.

I'm relegated to the back seat with the little kids.

That keeps things pretty serious back there.

These intrepid explorers set off to a local creek with school and searched for chrysoprase, a locally abundant gemstone.

They brought home quite the loot, including some 'gold' as 'planted' by mine manager and school dad.  Had them all quite excited I believe.

The mango tree is in full blossom,

as is Mama Pig,

piglets this week I suspect, whilst kids are on camp.

Puppies are growing like weeds,

and scoring high on the cuteness scale.

I'd best get back to packing.  With Wallace offsiding for Dad, I told him I'd pack his bag for camp.  Wonder if he'll enjoy the wardrobe combinations I'm putting together for him.


  1. Great photos as always and oh dear the back seat..times they are ever changing. The puppies are looking very healthy and my goodness a week with no children at home...and of course nice to see a photo of Pete...say G'day to him for me! Trude x

  2. Housekeeping: I'm having issues with photos on your blog not coming up in this post (not all, just some, the first one and then the ones I really wanted to see,the converted swing set. I'm all sorts of inspired, if only I could see it!)

    There's not much that can't be fixed with a good zippy tie either. If I had any left. Very attractive for kids that are building things as well.

    Earplugs. Husband (already half deaf) recently had a revelation, having decided he should conserve what hearing he had left and use them when on the dozer. Was cursing that they didn't bloody work anyhow, and fiddled about. Suddenly AHA! They DO work. Typically didn't read instructions and didn't have them in properly?!!!! Honestly. I've washed a few in my day, so until now they have obviously just been a pretty yellow accessory.

    PS I'll take Grandad's bull and keep him out of your way, he'd go rather nicely with some grey heifers up here ;-)

  3. Gosh, I am tired just reading about everything you do! Splendid photos as usual ... I hope you can enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts!

  4. Love the photos. Those puppies are so cute. I love the chook pen idea. It sounds like things are very busy. Enjoy the quiet while the kids are away. Mango trees are in flower here too. Saw some in the shop the other day and thought 'who stole them from their mummy?' as they were very small and still very green.

  5. Rip tear bust - that sounds oh so familiar. My boys just came back from a weekend of steep bush fencing + the paddock they burnt last weekend = lots of black washing water... lol ear plugs...

    Poor little calf - the wildlife can sure do some damage to livestock.

    Love your photo's

  6. Those puppies are getting cuter by the day.
    Great use of the swing sets, half the work is already done with the A frame.

  7. Wow Fi, that is one massive life you have.....I say "laugh" over "cry", one whole week one your own, how often does that happen?!?! (never for me) Enjoy every moment and love them even more on their return. x
    Stunning photos as usual
    Liv xo

  8. Fiona, life for you seems to be go, go, go! It is always a pleasure to see what is happening in your corner of the world and the kiddies looks great!
    Huh...the look on your face reminds me of ex-RAF hubby's when he allowed daughter to try her hand at driving...She drove over a skunk, just over mind you...Did not hit the silly thing but Heavens, it sprayed MY car...
    Oh yes, Dad and daughter decided my car was easier to drive for her...And the best of all of this is that lovely daughter NEVER drove again...for fear to hit the furry creatures!
    All the best Dear and Happy Spring!



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