Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Family Vacation

We set off at the end of last week on a little adventure, one that we'd been eagerly anticipating for months,

which would encompass a trip to Brisbane to see Alan Jackson in concert (super good), but most importantly to help celebrate the 70th birthday of Matthew's Mum Di in Maryborough.

Not 30 minutes down the road I remembered my camera. (All photos compliments of Sarah's ipod).

Some three hours later, we remembered the meat.  The precisely selected and aged cube rolls sitting in our cold room and meant for Sunday's barbecue dinner.

Our excitement would not be subdued.  This was my our holiday.

Matthew's people didn't get the memo.

We survived.

Arriving Thursday evening, we enjoyed a night together before leaving the kids with Matthew's parents Friday morning and heading further down the track to Brisbane, taking the fast lane around the Myer Centre, a quick whiz up the mall, then kicked back for an afternoon at the Pig'n'Whistle (even enjoying a brief, lovely catch up with the ever-effervescent @tesscamm), before concert-going for the evening.  Saturday morning we headed back to Maryborough, bleary-eyed but bushy-tailed.

That evening we dined out, Matthew's parents Nev and Di, and us the only Queenslanders present.  Sunday we spent the day all together at Matthew's parents' home enjoying catching up with family not often seen. One wedding and a funeral over the past thirteen years the only other times I'd met these lovely people.

Uncle Wayne and his sweet grandaughter Ella.

Incredible Aunty Sue, amazing story-teller and captor of children's imaginations.  Tales of her mischievous childhood captivating these four kids, her sharp wit keeping us all giggling.  Perhaps tales of stealing cigarettes at boarding school shouldn't be shared with impressionable youngsters!  Sue headed to boarding school at age 9,

hard for me to imagine, given my baby's not long turned nine.

Indomitable Aunty Liz, who with Uncle Ross had spent a week with us at home five years ago.  So lovely to catch up with her again.

These beautiful children of cousins, Cooper, Ella and Riley, only seen before in photos.

Matthew's Dad Old Nev.

Uncle Ross, one of Di's brothers and a bit of a favourite with Matthew.

Matthew's big brother Martyn made the trip from Bredbo, south-west of Canberra, a long drive indeed.  So lovely to catch up with him.  I think he'll be pleased to have a break from the attentiveness of these kids who were in awe of him.

Matthew was his shy, retiring self.

What a great day.

The well-travelled cake headed from Rockhampton to Brisbane and back to Maryborough.

Di had endured a particularly rough week, and I hope the weekend's celebrations helped ease her load.

We don't see them often enough, everybody 'busy' doing their thing.

An afternoon storm, first of the season, added to the joy.

We had a wonderful weekend.  Happy Birthday Grandi.  You are much loved.

*apologies for the blurry shots.  grateful to have any, given my camera spent the weekend at home on my desk.


  1. well then, I think Sarah should take over duties more often. Woot woo, Mrs Noakes, looking pretty swish! Nice haircut and colour (and those sandals, my you have great taste!!) And how have your kids grown so much in just a couple of weeks?!!!

    Old Nev musta found a young chick, Grandi looking more like Matthews sister than mum! I'll let you decide whether that's an insult to Matthew or compliment to Di :-)

    Also looks like Wallace and Matthew have been to the same hair stylist too. (and I bet the conversation was interesting when the missing meat was remembered, heh heh. Sorry, it happens to us nearly EVERY time, something is forgotten a good few kms down the track!)

    1. Ditto to everything Sharon said, except I haven't "met" you so it's lovely to see some photos !!!!! xoxo

  2. Looks like a great weekend, always so much fun to catch up with family when you are spread around like that. Wasn't Alan Jackson wonderful? I was tempted to head down to Tamworth for another 'Goodtime' but wasn't allowed :)

  3. What a totally splendid cake! And how lovely to be able to spend time with such warm and smiling family members - must have been a real tonic for the spirit?

  4. What a wonderful weekend Fiona! You are blessed to have a network of loving extended family members :-) on our trip around Australia the kids met some second cousins for the first time and I loved it how they hit it off straight away. I agree with Sharon, the Kids look a lot older here! X

  5. Your family has really grown up since I started reading your blog. Wallace, Matthew and Neville look so much alike.

  6. Looks like a great time with family!! I love those times when we are able to gather everyone all around and enjoy being together. Our family is all spread out now so it gets harder and harder. But I always look forward to seeing everyone ~Loved the cake too!! super cute Happy B Day to your Grandi ~Heather

  7. Isn't it nice to do what we rarely get to do and sit, be with family! Looks like it was worth the trip. x

  8. Brilliant Cake!
    Hope that you enjoyed the show at Alan Jackson: We went Friday night. Thought it was an awesome show, very humble performer and his attention to the crowd particularly with all the video footage from the last song was great!

  9. Few of us do enough of this and we should learn to cherish our extended family. My late mum was the one who kept everyone in touch so we are having to learn new ways to do it since her death.



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