Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Piscatorial Adventure

Because the end of the Barra season was looming, because the humidity was at just the right level, because the moon was in the right quarter, the big fella was actually home, and because we rarely do anything 'just for fun', one afternoon this week we collected the kids from school and a-fishing we did go.

Heading a little south, then a little further east, through more gates than I choose to recount, we made it here,

to the land of baldy faced cows and salt water creeks.

While I caught nothing and Dad only one catfish flicking lures,

 these youngsters had fun with prawn bait, hauling in one catfish after another.

and bless her long blonde plait,

Jess pulled in two king salmon which provided us with dinner and 3 fish burgers for school lunches next day.


So while the haul wasn't great, the afternoon was.  I've a feeling we'll be back.


  1. The quality of light is lovely In these photos ... I especially like the third, the twelfth and the fourteenth out of the landscapes. But the ones of all of you just hanging out together, pottering by the river have a warm, lazy, late afternoon feel - I feel myself relaxing from here, (Perhaps one of them will take a photo of you too?).

  2. Just catching up with you and yours. Those fish look YUM! Well done! Gorgeous snaps as always. xx

  3. ....just another afternoon in the top end! (lucky ducks!) xx

  4. Gorgeous photos Fiona! In our family I was always more enamored with the cows and my sister had the patience for fishing. I enjoy it but the fish don't flock to me like they do to my sister!

  5. What a great opportunity to just go fishing! Nice spot, many fond memories for me! x

    1. I knew you'd appreciate the location Trude.

  6. Fantabulous Fiona! I'm showing my gang these shots - they need to lift their game on the fishing front!!!

  7. Excellent fishing trip!!! Those fish are real beauties!! The only fishing we will be doing for the next few months will be ice fishing.

  8. what an interesting spot - tidal creek? I'm quite partial to a baldy cow myself...and those spur of the moment adventures that just happen. Go Jess for being the gun fisherwoman.



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