Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Outlook Fine and Dry

Having blogged for over four years now, it's always interesting to look back and compare notes. Whether it's checking on a once created birthday cake, or searching for weather records, the blog can generally reveal all.

In 2012 I was pleased to report 2 inches of rain falling in October,

allowing a green tinge to fight its way through.

2011, though brown showed an abundance of dry feed,

not as apparent this year.

2010 showed tinges of green and tales of showers and storms.

And who could forget that annus horribilus that was 2009:

Which brings us to 2013.

Fine, dry and hot.

These Brangus heifers, awaiting flushing at the first sign of storms,

and this handful of spoilt destined-for-showing Brahmans, come racing towards you at the first sound of a vehicle, ever hopeful of a feed.  With their head in a grain trough morning and afternoon, they've little to complain about.

These little No. 3 heifers though are finding the transition from Mama and Buffel to coastal living just a bit tough.

My running track has become a little unstable underfoot,

an ankle-rolling episode just waiting to unfold.

The only green spot in the area (and thus haven to every marsupial in the central region) is the lucerne paddock.

the half we baled this past Monday night clearly evident.  Irrigation is again in full swing and hopefully we can cut this closer half in just a couple of weeks.

Monday night after dinner saw us all at the hay paddock.  The big fella checked moisture levels (and talked on the phone).  One has to wait for the dew to have come in to re-inject a little moisture back into the dried windrows of hay.

My night-time photography lacking a great deal of skill.

With Jess recovering from a nasty flu, she was relegated to the driver's seat, Wallace and Sally stacked the trailer as I threw on.

The younger kids stacking technique not as precisely honed as their older siblings.
But never mind kids ... remember ... practice makes perfect.

October 2013 weather report:  awaiting rain.


  1. I enjoy looking back through posts and even reading back through my diary for what I was doing this time a year ago (or two).
    Hoping the rain comes shortly. x

  2. Goodness, it looks so brown and night time hay baling is a revelation as we're always desperate for a spell of dry weather at hay time over here. It's good to see a contrasting farming situation, even if only to realise how dependent we are all on the right sort of weather.

  3. It's amazing how different things can be from year to year. 2009 was rather grim! So great you already have 4 years of records. Here's hoping you get your rain soon! x

  4. Far out its crunchy underfoot. I'm going straight to your 2009 posts to have a read. You're tough cookies out there, much tougher than us x
    I'll include 'rain for Fiona' in my prayers tonight x

  5. 2011 was our annus horrible, mostly due to the constant fires and string of events that made us laugh (as otherwise we'd have been sitting in the corner sobbing). Mind you this one hasn't been any better, just different. Like forgetting to rain. But I'll tell you what, your heifers might think they are doing it tough but they look pretty good!
    And hasn't that dozer been busy! Its going to look so great after the first good drop of rain (I'll be there with marshmallows for the windrow lighting!). Looks so open and lovely!
    I think Jess has memories of one of the last loading sessions, and didn't want to try a broken limb again - far safer in the front seat!!
    I must try harder to update my own blog. Stories a bit light on lately.

  6. Oh I just did this the other day I went through blog pictures to check the weather we are having a very dry hot long summer into fall in Southern California. Just yesterday my lips were chapped and I had a nose bleed and all the horses tails were charged up with static electricity their tails were sticking out sideways...hopefully about 2 more weeks of this and the weather will change. I enjoyed going through your photos of the past weather and ranch ...~Heather :)

  7. It seems so hard to see your brown lands, desperate for rain when it has poured here all day. Wishing we could send you some! And admiring your gutsy stoicism. Not to mention your stellar photography, of course!

  8. Hope you all get some rain soon. We finally got rain here today after going without for awhile.

  9. I wish I could send you some of our rain, Fiona. When we bale hay at night it's to get the crop in before it rains again! I wonder if there is any place where the weather gods get it just righr? They might be doing it tough but your stock look to be in terrific nick. And, no matter what the weather the colours (or lack thereof) of your countryside are always beautiful.

  10. A beautiful post Fiona. The photos are absolutely fantastic. But I always keep a thought for the reality behind the photos: very hard work all day every day to make your rural life work. I feel a bit spoilt with the generous first snowfall here on such green grass.

    Fingers crossed for rain!
    Ali (of the Alps :-) )

  11. It is always a good reminder of how bad it has been in the past to keep going...great blogging once again Fiona. Tx

  12. Even when we think we're a having a dry spell it doesn't look as parched as that. My notions of winter and summer don't seem to have any bearing on your weather patterns. Isn't it theoretically spring where you are? So you don't have wet winters like we do...

  13. Congratulations on a beautiful blog and amazing photo's. Reading the Victorian farmers paper - The Weekly Times, came across article on country ladies blogging, came by and I love what you are doing. I have a little blog of my farm life and wish I was able to understand how IT works like you have been able to achieve. Our farm is getting ready to harvest out grain crops, baled vetch and have the canola cut ready to put through the harvester, it is all go go. Love to see how your farm operates and the lovely family you are raising. Well done.So pleased to have read the article on farm women and blogging. Nanaonthefarm

  14. Reading the Victorian paper, Weekly Times came across an article on women on farms blogging. Came by and love your photo's and beautiful family. I am on a grain property in Victoria - so different to your property. I have been blogging for family for the past year as they live in London, Brisbane, Melbourne and can't get back for visits very often. Hope you receive your summer rains soon, so hard to watch the country dry up.



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