Thursday, 31 October 2013


We moved all the horses to Bottle Tree sometime last year, where the tucker's a little kinder to our old team.  Two of the old boys were brought home for Winter this year though, in need of a warm rug and a feed on cold days.  And as our usually dry Winter has become a dry Spring, they're still here, waiting for rain and green feed to shoot before returning to their mates.

These two, Black Bob and Wahoo belonging to Sarah and Sally have enjoyed plenty of special attention.

Enjoyed, endured?

Tomaeto, Tomarto.

With no horse for Jessie to wash,

we whipped a vehicle onto the lawn lickety-split.

We don't like anybody to feel left out.


  1. You always capture such great action in your shots - and how biddable is this young lady that the car is an acceptable substitute for a horse!

  2. Love the photos. Love your horse substitute ... can I bring mine around for some attention.

  3. Cracked me up. I'm impressed she agreed, don't think mine would be so obliging. x

  4. bahaha. At my house there would have been much whining and mum with hands on hips and frown on face to get that car cleaned!

  5. ooh yes! when they're in the mood for cleaning- feed it to them I say!



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