Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bottle Tree-ing

While many in our area reported rain at the end of last week, sadly the rain gauge remained empty at both Rock Wallaby and Bottle Tree.  A weekend in the buffel revealed brown paddocks and cows in need of fresh pick.

No surprises.

With the situation far from dire, we managed to pull together a load for the meatworks,

tick-treated a paddock of charbray cows

and discussed strategies.

The child labour force was present,

Mum's abysmal lunch preparation

and water bottle forgetting,

duly recorded

and undoubtedly re-visited.

Sal and Jess managed to combine forces to start the dreaded green Polaris.  Sal with thumb firmly adhered to throttle, and Jess on the pull-start, a picture of poetry in motion.  Stick around kids, you'll learn all manner of handling old, cantankerous machinery.


Dad and I head back tomorrow with a truck load of lick.

My thoughts exactly Sal.


  1. Great,bold photos, love the last one of Sal. I hope the rains are coming, Fiona. x

  2. Such splendid photos as always, and so hoping for rain for you. Those fields look so bare ... And here it hasn't stopped! So wishing we could arrange the world's weather patterns differently.

  3. tis indeed looking dry down there too. But cows look good. And kids aren't suffering from drought starvation, my they are growing. Hope you're not driving that acco tomorrow ;-)

  4. Sal is a real character, and yes it is looking dry, unfortunately it wasn't wide spread but it must be coming soon do you think?

  5. That lick is fantastic stuff - saw us through a few years of drought!



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