Monday, 4 November 2013

My Big Girls

My two oldest are at school together this week, Jess participating in a transitional program to help ready her for boarding school next year.
Sarah will be in her element,

showing Jess the ropes,

leading the way,

keeping her on the straight and narrow.
I, on the other hand will be cutting too many lunches, cooking too much dinner and wallowing in self pity.
Next year will be Wallace's turn to head into a 'transitional experience'.

I'm booking into therapy.
The big fella's looking for a second job.
Help me Rhonda.


  1. Your children were so adorable as youngsters!! Love those chubby cheeks!!

  2. Those chubby little babies. Such cute photos.
    They grown so quickly. x

  3. Such a sweet and poignant post :). There needs to be a transition school for mums too!

  4. Aw, they do grow up fast but you have raised some smashing kids.

  5. Hi Fiona. Kids are divine as usual. Oh my both'll need a stiff drink or two. My boy graduated from high school a week ago. 17, how did that happen. Goes to quick!!! Love the pics & catching up with you x x x x

  6. cannot believe how chubby Jessie was as a baby, and how sleek she is now! Girls will be fine, as will Wallace, and as for you? I'd say take up drowning your sorrows but I doubt you will be able to afford it after paying for boarding school fees. But don't worry, we'll still be here. One good thing is that there are less mouths at home to cook for? Won't Sal be looking forward to school - after being the only kid at home to do ALL of the jobs!!!

    Its a great character building exercise for the kids, where they build their independence and learn and grow and mature....its us old weaner mums that have the problems!

  7. Oh Lord... those cheeks have done for me. How can you even look at them without melting? I feel a teeny part of your pain. My Dash is off in 2015 and we had the interview last week... I looked at him during it and he seemed TOO YOUNG. And don't even talk about boarding school fees... *shudder*

    Let's hope the cattle markets pick up, eh?

  8. What gorgeous photos of the girls. My sister and I used to wear matching outfits like that, beautiful dresses. It must be so hard as your children grow and move to the next stage in education. I hope they do look out for each other though, I am sure they will. At least there will be less washing, cooking and cleaning although I am sure you would happily trade that to have them close.

  9. I can't comprehend doing it actually ...

  10. Lovely post Fiona...I was thinking of you this week with Jess away. Ask Matthew if he's any good at husband is always fencing and offsiders are a rarity! I agree there should be a transition school for Mum..Jess is probably ready to spread her wings just a little more but she'll always come home to Mum and Dad no doubt!

  11. Oh look at those Girls!! Beautiful babies. I'm just coming to terms with my 4 bigger kids all being at full-time school next year, let alone heading off to High School (although in that regard we are already having to think about that 2nd job!). When Rhonda's finished at your place can you please send her down to us :-) x

  12. Oh dear! I think it is very different having girls go away! Just remember that you're sending teens, not the babies in the photos.

  13. Still cooking too much potato two years in to our boarding journey (my husband and younger children think it is a great joke) Don't you just LOVE holidays!

  14. The day My first two started school all the other Mums were crying and I was high kicking up the street. They were so ready they asked me to leave. So I did...and finished sanding back a whole table I'd been working on for years with only two children at home.

    Boarding school though is a whole different thing. Rhonda need to work hard at your place. I'd like my Big Fella to get another job as a full time chauffeur as that seems to be what they all need right now!



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