Friday, 15 November 2013

Stop moving the Goal Posts

I'm sure all this talk of weather must become a little tiresome.

It does become all encompassing for us though at this time of year.

The rose coloured glasses I've been wearing these past few months as we've waited for rain are sitting a little skew-whiff today.  Scratched, bent and covered in a light film of dust, it's hard to keep them on doing the rounds of the paddocks.

The rain my weather-studying husband assured me would arrive yesterday didn't.  Even Sally's first sleep-soaked words as she tumbled from bed this morning were "Mum, did it rain last night"?

So I'm putting my crooked rose-coloured glasses back in their case,

and putting on my geranium coloured glasses.
(Geraniums being far more tolerant of the dry weather).

And I'm not leaving the green confines of my houseyard until it rains.

Which will be Sunday.
Not Thursday.


  1. Chin up.
    I will tell my kids to pray for rain, God hears the little children first! x

  2. It's coming on Sunday for sure Fiona ....... and these clouds really need to play fair and deliver for everyone. Lawn is looking magnificent!

  3. We need to go spraying but the fields are too wet and we keep checking the forecast for a dry spell. Doesn't matter where in the world you farm, there's always an obsession with the weather. Hope the rain blows your way soon.

  4. hope it rains for your soon too..................feeling the same long can this go on for................

  5. I am sooo crossing my fingers for you! I think I might just open a bottle of something bubbly to celebrate - I just cannot believe how,long you have to wait and how dry your landscape is. Hoping it will be just lovely for,you all when it does ...

  6. don't blame you as by golly the yard is looking good! (must mow mine!). I think my rose tinted glasses fell off a while ago just quietly, but when I do venture out, I find whilst things are grim they aren't QUITE as bad as I had been thinking. Still pretty sucky. And I don't do the molasses run, so perhaps I am indeed still wearing a tint of some sort.

    I KNOW we have to be patient, and have a bit of faith, but I'm starting to get a few of the what if's passing through my mind...

    Sunday is the day. For sure. But don't ask the BOM. They keep changing their minds!

  7. ps is it me or are those trees flowering earlier this year?

  8. PPS geraniums are looking GREAT as well! I managed to (or some invading critter) kill my beloved deep red ruffled one. I wonder how cuttings would go in the post. Dare I even think of purchasing more from Bunny's?

  9. Oh my goodness. I wish I could send you some.

  10. The thing about weather conversations are that they unite us all ... world wide. Doesn't matter where we live, the weather affects us in some way shape or form.

    Your geraniums remind me of essay writing in Yr12 when one of our texts was 'Water them Geraniums' by Henry Lawson ... love it to this day.
    By the way, your flame tree is quite spectacular!

  11. It's Sunday....are you getting any? Oh I hope you do...



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