Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The View from the Molasses Trailer

Despite storms bumping all around us these last ten days, we're still left wondering when our turn will come.
Today was molasses delivery day, an all-day event involving little in the way of excitement or challenge.  It's being run out every four or five days, though should be lasting them seven.  I'm a bit of a soft touch though when it comes to hungry heifers.

As I added the required quantity of water to mix the dry components, I snapped away.

The poincianas are basking in these hot days, their fiery orange visible from all over, starkly contrasted against brown paddocks.

Sprinkling continues, the lawn enjoying our largest fall to date of 12 millimetres Saturday morning. 

Not visible is the deserted mower, abandoned by Wallace Sunday after several mechanical issues.

My hints toward maybe a new mower for Christmas met little enthusiasm.  Perhaps a second hand cutting deck the best I can hope for.  Failing that, ear-rings will suffice!

These variegated hibiscus in need of a trim, the different coloured ones in between not handling the last chainsaw manicure.

The temperature remained constant from smoko on.

A beautiful summer in the balmy tropics.

The molasses tank is getting low, resulting in much time spent waiting for the trailer to fill.

Which means some guilt-free daytime reading,
the only good thing about being on molasses duty.

A set of paddles inside the trailer, motorised by this Honda, mix the molasses/water/fortifier mix.
Look up 'frustration' in the on-farm dictionary, and you'll find the above picture.
Another love-hate relationship right there.

As I returned for my second fill, the above clouds to the north, and below to the south were building beautifully.

By the time I headed to the younger heifers, the temperature had plummeted and rain started to fall.

Soaked to the bone I returned home to tip four millimetres from the gauge.
Which just pulls us over the inch mark from six falls over the past fortnight.

Maybe tomorrow will be different.


  1. Super post, Fiona.

    I'm so glad it finished with soaked feet and mud, or all that snow falling outside my window (and my temperature falling too... it was - 8 degrees when I got home last night, but it's headed down to -14 tonight) would have made me feel a little guilty. Happy Rainy Days to you!

    From Klosters...
    Ali of the Alps :-)

  2. Great, I needed a new book to read and will definietly try to find this one when I go and do my weekly shopping tomorrow! Lovely post, and as always beautiful photos. It's a joy going in here I think!

  3. Oh Fiona, the patchiness of the rain is unfathomable. Surely soon it will be different. Love your photos and words, I just wish I could change the ending to 44 millimetres :)

  4. Despite what you think, we all come here because we love your life. You draw us in with your words, warmth and pictures.
    Chin up, still praying for more rain for you.
    (ps I went back to Brissy on the weekend to catchup with some friends and the one thing I noticed (even more than the Jacarandas) were those beautiful poincianas! x

  5. I'm looking out at dark storm clouds right now, hoping we get a bit of rain. And praying that you will get a lot soon. You need it so badly, our need seems a bit silly. You are lucky to have those lovely splashes of orange and red it help lift your spirits!

  6. Love Kate Morton!
    Hopefully you get some more rain soon!

  7. adore those trees, I don't have any as my yard is taken up by two large mango trees and a super large (and on my hit list) messy pantoflin (I know the spelling is wrong) tree. Family portraits for your mob in front of that flowering tree is a MUST!!
    I briefly thought I might be able to take over molasses duty here...but after watching the process the other day I believe I don't have enough swear words in my vocabulary nor enough mechanical skills.
    But in good news, my mower is finally going again after 10 + months. Not the same way it went before (why do they have to DO that?!) but at least I can cut the grass. Marvellous how much it responds from the stormy weather and few mms of rain!



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