Monday, 18 November 2013

The Weekend Edition

After a compressor melt-down, our cold room is back in fully functional mode and this weekend welcomed two fat porkers.  

They will be converted into Christmas hams, bacon, sausages, ribs, chops, pork belly and all manner of other porky goodness in coming days.

While Sarah oversaw proceedings with boundless teenage enthusiasm,

Jess manned the hydraulics, a job I gladly handed down the line.

Too fast on the down and Dad gets splashed with hot water. Or doinged on the head with the forks.  Too slow and his hand motioning becomes a blur of irritation.  You've won yourself a job for life Jess.

Humidity levels were incredible, as were excitement levels as the anticipation of rain spread through the ranks.

Every cloud studied, every distant roll of thunder noted, phone batteries were run flat as we studied the radar at every opportunity.  And unfortunately all to no avail.  Three millimetres falling Saturday and another three Sunday, not quite the fanfare we were hoping for.  Nevertheless, there are plenty in worse situations than us, and with rain predicted for the rest of the week, we're confident hopeful the gaps will fill in.

With no wet weather to keep us indoors, much of the weekend was spent working on the new feed yards.

Sarah's brief appearance at the yards providing a break from her long list of assignments and study.

Sally passing comment to Dad after an afternoon of standing posts, that she wished she had assignments.

Jess and I spent Sunday afternoon running out molasses while the radar indicated that everybody else in Central Queensland was receiving rain.

I've since heard that wasn't the case.  One friend receiving no rain, but a lightning strike which burnt out 3000 acres.  
Who are we to complain?

Wallace and Sally spent their lunch break fashioning bows and arrows.  
Mulberry tree branches far superior to Poinciana if you were ever in doubt.

Jess spying them from atop the molasses trailer stalking Squatter Pigeons at the yards, while Dad split posts and was not requiring their offsiding services.

All Squatter Pigeons and baby rabbits remain unharmed.

Hoping to post some huge rainfall reports in coming days.


  1. Fiona, I am a follower (stalker!!) on Instagram and have been reading for a while now. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog and the way you write. I am a city girl but live in a country town, soon to be on a property. I am slowly learning about this way of life and your Matthew sounds very much like my husband, I have a feeling they'd be mates if they knew each other! We would also like a lot more rain but like you recognise there are those more in need for the time being. Hopefully this is your week!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Emma, I'm always amazed that anybody reads this stuff. I'm sure we'll all be enjoying a green Christmas and this dry patch will be long forgotten ... fingers crossed.

  2. As always, a great capture of your week-end. The rain was so patchy ....
    You're much cleverer than I with camera and molasses ..... I'm not game to take mine near the stuff as it seems attracted to me. Our last load was almost water like, so much so that we questioned its authenticity.....

  3. As hydraulics manner, I frequently get hand signals that certainly aren't our "approved" ones - usually a hand across the throat (STOP now! You're going to kill me) or two fingers (when my concentration lapses and I send things in the wrong direction). I know how Sally feels about assignments and remember wishing the same when I was stood in the cold and damp on the potato harvester - never had homework seemed more attractive.
    Hope you get your rain.

  4. It's many years since I hae seen young ones making bows and arrows - nostalgia sweeping across my internal landscape here! As I hope the rain does across your external one, needless to say. Love the photo if the sandy seat of he jeans!

  5. Gosh all of the kids have GROWN this year! what are you feeding them?!

    Bows and arrows were briefly in vogue a couple of weeks ago, with stern warnings to keep the arrow pointed firmly away from the pool (not that pool or any moving creature was remotely threatened) #2 child pilfered many rubber bands from the office as her string, which averted the problem she had with her bow being of somewhat dry wood. Father and I both reminisced that athol pine trees made the best bows, and switchy sticks for reluctant ponies, and also very cranky mothers.

    I'm sorry but I had to snicker about the hydraulic operations. Men across the state are SO alike whether they be fathers or husbands (nor does it matter the age of the operator, or whether she be wife or daughter!) Truck driving or tractor driving, same difference, and same hand signals ;-)

  6. Come on rain! I'm willing you a wonderful gentle few days of wet. This is such an area of extemes though isn't it. Those are great bows and arrows. My mum always has a dig about kids making weapons but anything made by hand is good in my book. She has a short memory.
    That teenage cloud is almost as unproductive as the sky ones at my place. At least the dear girl got into some work.

  7. Firstly I love the photos and the insight into your active life that they give. I know that there a blah times in among all the action but what fun it all looks. Your kids are so lucky. I love your description of Sarah's teenage enthusiasm. If it is anything like my sister's teenage enthusiasm it comes and goes ... usually going when it is something you want or need. Love the bows and arrows. I'll keep that handy hint about the better branches in mind. I hope more rain comes for you and many others.

  8. Oh how I wish my daughter was like your daughters. To caught up with teenage girls things but luckily she does study well and does all her assignments well (makes me think what the hell am I whinging about she does more study than I did!!!).

    We live on two acres in a town and my husband has a fixation with a certain 'sling shot' at the moment, though that is not 'politicly correct' these days so the guy at the markets told him when he sold it to him as something else!! We now have a pile of missiles to get a certain cat of the neighbourhood that is cr**ing in our vegie patch and yard in general and we think is getting in the chicken run. I will say that your kids would be a lot better shot that he is on a good try!!!

    Love your blog (I'm a bit of a stalker too) and hope that you get rain soon.

  9. This was a lovely, lovely post! Once again I pop in here and get the urge to have kids to raise here on our farm as well. It is a beautiful life to grow up to!

  10. I love the concentration on Sally's face!

    Hoping you a deluge soon.

  11. Thought of you on our recent unexpected trip to Rockhampton when we crossed over 'Bottle Tree Creek' twice. The country was a stark contrast to our very wet green paddocks from our extremely wet winter

  12. I often read your blog and admire you and your lovely family! We often travel the country and absolutely love it. Going bush, camping and filming what we see is our great interest. Over the years we met some amazing people much like yourselves in the outback.
    Wish I could send you the water that was flowing through our garage last week, more than enough to share around. Fingers crossed for your turn very soon!



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