Friday, 1 November 2013

This Little Piggy ...

was the runt of the litter and very nearly didn't make it.

Some human intervention in the form of a syringe, a baby bottle and some serious Uncle Pete lovin' pulled her through.

Having gone to live with Uncle Pete for a few weeks, she's recently returned to the fold, as Peter's work has taken him away from home.

Miss Daisy refuses to assimilate with her parents,

her siblings,

the dogs

 or any other non-human life-form.  I've a feeling she's going to become our next breeding sow.

We'll be sure not to share this image with her,

it might just tarnish her devotion to us.


  1. Oh the cuteness! I do love pigs, they are such gorgeous animals. Avert your eyes Miss Daisy! Mel x

    PS I saw you got a nice little mention in :-)

  2. Ohh how lucky the little pig will be if she becomes the breeding sow.
    Love the photo of the cute little ringlet tails. x

  3. Sweet little thing. My kids would kill for Miss Daisy!

  4. Now, I never thought I would hear myself say that a pig was cute, but she is!



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