Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Family Portrait

My mum requested a family photo of us as her Christmas present.  Just the incentive needed to rally the troops late one Summer's afternoon in the week leading up to Christmas.  We headed first to the yards, and with tripod erected and camera timer engaged ... it was game on.

Then back to the houseyard for a change of background.

In the effort to achieve the above two outcomes that will probably become canvases, there were some hundred and twenty others that didn't make the cut.

Matthew's enthusiasm a little too evident in this one above, Wallace channeling the Incredible Hulk.

While I've seen this style of shot work well in happy family blogs worldwide, 

of course the biggest clown in my crew

struggled to keep his temperament in check for more than several minutes.

Sal's enthusiasm waned after photo 79

and we decided to head back to the house for refreshments and perhaps a little pep-talk.

Remember ... we're doing this for Nanny.

Back at the house, with the sun falling fast, 

we dragged an old chair into position and started clicking.

The kids' insistence on Matthew and I forming a heart with our hands,

had us both giggling like kids.  Not quite our style.
I didn't realise until after the event that Wallace was wearing spurs.
Why Wallace, why?

Sarah's decision to don festive decoration didn't make the cut either.

The top two images though, I love.  
Now just to decide which one I love the most.
Opinions welcomed.


  1. The background and chair in picture 2 makes it a winner for me, although the space between your son and yourself feels weird... but I still declare it a winner in my opinion! Beautiful family, you are so very blessed x

  2. I just love them all ... the personalities shine through in each and every one of them! We too, were supposed to get out the tripod on Christmas Eve .....

  3. They are all beautiful photos Fiona. Well done on getting everyone coordinated and smiling. x

  4. They are all done beautifully, it's more of the spirit of the person coming through that makes them all so natural and individual which makes it hard to pick.

  5. do 'em both!!! on a middle sized canvas and hang them together.

    Although personally I think the one with the big fellas butt front and centre should be blown up and framed in prime position for when guests enter the house ;-) I think then, they'd get a pretty quick idea of how your family runs (snickering my head off right now!)

    Wallace just wanted to be authentic. And possibly jab one of his sisters at the prime opportunity?!

    1. Sharon, the more I read your posts/comments, the more I think we'd get on famously!
      And Fi, my hubby and yours would too. Last week at the dinner table, Paul decided to throw around the thought that 'what if we ate with our bums and poohed with our mouths'……..hysterical laughter for 1/2 hour and each and every one of my boys (including the instigator) were up on their seats setting the scene. horrid. Lucky for you, you have the opposite to me :3boys, 1 girl. …so Mathew's bum shot made me laugh, thats common around here. x

  6. Oh Fiona, they are all beautiful! I love to see each and everyone of them!
    Seems ex-RAF flyboy (hubby) is not the only one who believe he has a sense of humour...I'll have to tell him to check your post (and here he tells me Aussies are nothing like Brits!)
    Happy New Year Dear!

  7. What fantastic photos and a great idea for a gift. I've never thought of going to work with the self timer button before. The ideas are coming thick and fast now and we may end up with our own family portraits soon, although convincing hubby will be a challenge.

    Oh and both the top photos are wonderful and I don't envy your decision. I do love the one on the fence though. Very authentic for where you live!

    xx Susan

  8. All are beautiful photos! The top two are equally lovely in their own ways but I really like the third and fourth as they seem more natural! Good luck choosing, I'd choose more than one! Giving photographs as a gift is something I often do, great idea! :)

  9. Wonderful photos. It's a miracle if you can get six people all looking passable at the same time! I'm sure Nanny will be thrilled with the gift. Happy New Year to you all. Hope 2014 is full of good things for you (and has some rain, oh yes.)

  10. Haha I love your clown's antics and hopefully they lightened the mood. I remember the last time we attempted this same this a few years ago .. the mood is never cheerful after a while. Love the cute heart photo. Have a great 2014!

  11. great family is worth the effort even if they get sick of you taking them.............

  12. Oh these are so beautiful Fiona! I love them all. It's near impossible for us to get a decent family shot with every single member looking at the camera so I'm in awe of your capabilities.....x

  13. Y'all are such a beautiful family! Hope all is well!

  14. The first two are beautiful!!
    But the rest are just brilliant!! I say do a big collage of them all!!



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