Wednesday, 11 December 2013

And there's Cricket on the Radio

Christmas frivolity has apparently allowed a little relaxation of the school dress code,

 (at least I hope so).

Having complained about doing this one's hair for the last seven years, I'm starting to feel myself saddened by the fact that after this week I will never again tame her long locks for school.

With Christmas fairs, presentations, learning celebration days and break-ups filling this week for us, it's difficult to find time for the 'really important' jobs that need doing this time of year.

Smoking hams for one,

... and bacon, for two.

Two smokers working this past Sunday, our smoke not comparing with that of the grass fires raging to our north.

our sunsets still slightly tainted by the same.

Our current sport of choice is


Every available piece of cement covered in lines,

Sally taking her job of linesman quite seriously.

Losers have to take washing off the line.  My abilities (or lack thereof) make me a popular playing opponent, in turn I spend a fair amount of time at the clothes line.

The archer in the family is fine-tuning his skills,

all but one of his original arrows broken, since replaced with aluminium, a heads-up to Santa if delivering bows and arrows to small boys this season.

The molasses tank is empty.  This last load delivered to girls last week not lasting long.

Molasses is no longer available, all consigned overseas.  Mr Truss has advised a release of 6000 T (which won't stretch far) and I have developed a close relationship with our supplier Fred who I speak to daily.  Fred's thick Dutch (?) accent difficult to understand, though the "No, no Molasses today" is clear enough.  If predicted rain at the end of this week doesn't eventuate a new plan of attack will be employed, just not exactly certain what that may be at this stage.

Wallace procured a new toy at yesterday's school Christmas markets.  Spying the life-sized turtle on Hughie's 'trash'n'treasure' table, I thought to myself, if there's one thing here I don't want coming home with us, that's it.

Surprise.  Apparently a bargain too good to resist.

Presentation Night tonight.
Fun day tomorrow.
Bring on Friday.


  1. The trash and treasure stand at the school fete is responsible for a lot of truly heinous stuff entering my house!

    The smoking arrangement looks amazing.

    Your kids are, as always, gorgeous.

  2. I know the feeling with the hair........not sure how I will cope.......
    bugger about the think the need here would come first.............

  3. Great post, and what an amazingly impressive braid! Always wished I had one as a young girl, mostly to resemble Anne from the Green Gables. But I can understand the feeling of connecting something like no longer needing to braid your daughters hair to a feeling of "woha they are growing up. Time just seem to fly by no matter how much one lives in the moment.

  4. I hope you get the rain you need and you are saved from worrying about the molasses situation. Nothing stops the kids from growing up does it? All you can do is cherish the here and now.

  5. Even though we've finished school it barely feels like we have time to draw breath. Perhaps a good thing we've not had to worry about school in amongst it all!

    Just been on pastoral inspection, having been in charge of weaner feeding/pump fuelling etc today (he musta been desperate, leaving mechanical devices in my charge). We tried unsuccessfully to catch a poddy (funniest home videos it would have been) so he'll keep for dad; and DID successful bamboozle two GIANT steers who have appeared out of the woodwork, into another paddock. Just hope they are still there for when reinforcements arrive to get them towards the yards (so large they should have been long gone!). Exciting day for mum and kids (and apparently exciting driving with kids saying they closed their eyes as mum wheeled around the cooler in the wagon after the steers).

  6. Ahh, cricket on the rqdio ... Kerry O'Keefe's laugh gets me every time and the dulcet tones of Jim Maxwell,combined with the thrumming of cicada's, are the sounds of summer for me! Fiona, we still have a week of school to go ... it is killing me!

  7. Oh Fiona, the hair scenario got me unstitched. Some days I'd kill for the boarding school option, but i know deep down i'd be a mess.
    Do you get to see them during the term??
    I've just caught up on your last three posts (internet has been out for a few days) and your images are just gorgeous, there is a visible 'family love' in them x



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