Monday, 16 December 2013


After a full week of school socialising, the team were less than thrilled with early weekend starts as we commenced the Bottle Tree branding.  In hindsight, with an exhausted work force we should have delayed branding a week.  Cows however were badly in need of some parasite treatment with ticks causing havoc on cows already weakened by a less than ideal season.

Fortunately though, Bottle Tree received nearly three inches of rain over the month of November, and so is showing a green pick which will hold cows over another month.

These new baby Brangus calves the result of embryo-work earlier in the year.

Not quite sure what the above situation is all about.  Twins, or more likely a rather confused young mother.

It was a hot weekend.  Staff enjoyed a welcome dip in Nanny's pool at the end of both work days.

A gas leak to the branding furnace caused a delay in proceedings with all happy to sit out while Dad actioned repairs.

A sleep-in this morning, and some friends coming for a sleep-over tomorrow has everybody feeling a little more festive today.


  1. Holiday sleep-overs were always much anticipated as a kid too.
    Those Brangus calves are very sweet.

  2. I can see the exhaustion through the screen, and don't worry, they weren't alone. (mind you on non work morning what time do the little devils get out of bed?!!).

    We are still loving our Brangus babies (so cute) put some young Senagus in with a mob, and so far not overly impressed. But they might yet grow big and fat and make me change my mind. Very thin skinned (with little hair) and skinny tails. Perhaps maturity will suit them better, but really in the long run as long as they taste good does it really matter?! ;-)

  3. Oh how I KNOW the feeling, guys. Exhausted with start of needles here - branding next round at the end of January for us. Adore your little Brangus calves (but you KNEW I'd say that, didn't you?)

    Love the rainbow too!

  4. I like the colour of your calves too Fiona…I am smiling when I asked the kids about their holidays…working! It will hold them in good stead I am sure of it.



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