Sunday, 15 December 2013

Did I Cry???

... Well Sharon, perhaps "wailed" is a more fitting term.

As I sat in my usual parked position opposite the school gate Friday afternoon, I watched the seventeen children present at school for 'clean-up' day form a guard of honour for Jess to pass through on her last day of primary school.

A beautiful farewell from a beautiful school.

At this point the camera was lowered as tears filled my eyes.  Which in turn set Jess off, then her wonderful teachers.

How blessed we are.


  1. Oh Fiona!!! I've been away and just catching up on your last few Posts...which have made me feel a bit teary too. What a big week for you all. There is something really wonderful about the small country schools - so glad Jess had a wonderful send-off. Very blessed indeed. Mel x

  2. Tears! Of course there were tears! My Lord how fast they grow up.

  3. Very special moment indeed! You have such a beautiful family Fiona! Thank you for sharing these times with all of us and Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh you big sooks. I completely deny having any tears in my eyes just reading this and thinking about it. I think I might stay away from school on the last day here next year, it has come around far too soon (and 12 months too early, but lets not go there, as we both have the same opinion).
    Great work

  5. What a wonderful tradition (I presume it is a tradition?). And look at the smile on that girl's face! I can practically hear her chuckles. No wonder you got all teary!

  6. So very special Fiona and so wonderful that you captured the moment with your camera as it'll help you both remember it forever. The beginning of a new era.

  7. That's beautiful…she is a happy faced young lass!



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