Sunday, 22 December 2013

First Week of School Holidays

... done and dusted.

In the short-hand version, there's been:



gingerbread decorating;

more snag-making, this time thick, garlic pork;

some more truffle making;
(the home-made, rustic look)

and more smoking:  bacon, sausages and chops;

Girls have been riding horses at every opportunity,

and Wallace and Sally these past couple of days really lucked out, missing out on a trip to Bottle Tree to tidy up some loose ends, instead having to stay with Nan and Grandad.  Swimming, movie-watching, fishing, boat-trips all part of their suffering, while the two big girls enjoyed mustering, branding and sweating under a 38 degree sun.

These twelve Brangus babies, resulting from an embryo program in February came through the yards to be ear-tagged.

Not all were happy about it.

We're home today to make hay.

Then we're going to enjoy Christmas and wait ever-so-patiently for the wet season to arrive.


  1. One more great blogpost Fiona. All the home made food looks particularly good! Wishing for your rain to come soon and copiously, Ali

  2. I have been lurking in the background for a while but it is time to say hello! I just love those sausages and would eat some in a flash. I can only begin to imagine a life like yours, so much of it lived outdoors, working the farm. Amazing for naïve onlookers like me (a city girl, sigh) but hard work I am sure. I would love to try it out for a while, I really would. Christina

  3. It all looks great. Loving the sausages in particular!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family Fiona.


  4. Geez, how narky would Wallace and Sally have been to miss out on all of that fun. Plenty of attitude here too, and just quietly most of it is mine ;-)

    I really must get my Christmas baking attitude into gear, I really must. Although the size of my bum and need for stretchy pants is probably best served if I don't make rum balls or any other delight, to be perfectly honest. Here, have another mango kids, or slice of watermelon. We don't need any chocolate rum flavoured delight this year, not at all!

  5. Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, Rum Balls are good. Merry Christmas.

  6. Hope your rain blows in - I wish we could send over the rain that's forecast to disrupt travel here for the next two days.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  7. Glorious photos - and just popping in to send you and the family warmest (perhaps that should be 'wettest'!) good wishes for today, and hope there will be lots of lovely family moments for you all.



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