Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Boy ...

turned 11 yesterday. 

And declared it the best birthday yet.  Quite probably due to the receipt of a compound bow and arrow set, much wanted and now scratched from the Christmas list.

Birthdays in December make for a very long year.  When you're a kid at least.

The bow has already had a good workout.
No tree, box or sister is safe.

I can see Harry Potter having to slide into the backseat for the next month or two.
Robin Hood's moved in.


  1. Happy Birthday Wallace! We've got a birthday coming up in this household too...

  2. oh my, all moving creatures best be scampering for cover! Maybe a nice fixed target outside the houseyard fence for target practise....

    I feel my butt getting bigger just looking at that cake. but I still want some. Inspired cake decorating! And far less taxing then the layered beauties that you've done before!

  3. Gorgeous cake and a beautiful birthday boy.

    I'm with Sharon - my bum is expanding just looking at that photos of that cake - admittedly photos that I am going to screen shot and trot out in Jan when it is my son's birthday....

  4. You've outdone yourself again on the cake front Fiona!!! Brilliant! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Wallace. It may be a December birthday but at least he still gets a separate celebration - my Dad has his birthday a couple of days after Christmas which meant it was always lumped into Christmas day somehow and mostly forgotten about on the real day :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Wallace!

    Must be an age thing - I have one who covets a similar present :)

  6. Fantastic cake Fiona! Looks like one happy kid. Happy Birthday!

  7. I would have been so happy if I had gotten that cake as a child! Will use that as inspiration for the next birthday here on the farm!

  8. You've constructed yet another amazing cake there. A big Happy Birthday to Wallace.

  9. Oh, that cake! My first time on your blog. So glad my little ones were not looking over my shoulder when I saw that cake. Wow, I think you must be the coolest mom ever.



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