Thursday, 5 December 2013

My Girls ...

have this week started the Couch to 5K running program.

Second time round for Sarah and Jessie who completed the program with me some two years ago when I first donned an Asics gel-soled runner.

Accompanied by some canine companions on their maiden outing, 

a mistake I don't think they'll make again.

Sarah has us also embarking on a 30 day 'ab' program.

Day 4 in and I'm walking like a half-closed pocket knife.
My abs obviously not used to such action and quite possibly not meant for it.

These three daughters of mine
are either going to keep me young,
or send me to an early grave.


  1. Well, I am very much hoping it is the former and not the latter :). Yes, getting one's legs tangled up in dog leads doesn't sound much fun! Well done to you all - looks strenuous.

  2. Loved the couch to 5K. I did finish it but have hurt my back/neck so can't run for a few weeks or so. Will have to start again when I am well enough I think. Hopefully soon as running was fun. Although I always leave the dogs behind....

  3. gosh that sounds FAR too strenuous in the lead up to Christmas! ye gads. Gosh the kids have grown, Jessie is going to be long and leggy!

    I notice Wallace has chosen not to partake in any silly strenuous activity - either shooting things with the new bow or firmly ensconced on couch with a good book ;-)

    I wanna see the Big Fella trotting down the road, and joining in the Ab Program. That would nearly be enough to convince me I should join. But not until he had convinced The Husband in these parts to also follow suit. I'd even pay money to see that!

    1. I'm wih you Sharon. Wanna see the big fella on the trotting and ab program. I won't say another word.

  4. Excellent! Makes my walking seem a little paltry though ... in my defense, I live in goat country and the hills make up for a lot of lost ground!
    My sisters and I always walk with Mum when we're home - it's when we have our best conversations, our little brother declines, but his wife joins us now days.

  5. About 6 months ago in an unprovoked conversation (a friend) told me I should do this ?!?! I wasn't sure what to say. She obviously thought i needed it.
    Have I started?............not yet!

  6. Right, I need to check this couch to 5k thing out. I'm floundering on the fitness front. You Girls are very inspiring :-)

  7. Love this! Hope I can make one happen here in our little community too one day!

  8. Wonderful photos. Good for those girls, showing you the way.



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