Friday, 13 December 2013

No More Teachers, No More Books ...

The school year ends for us today.  An emotional event with Jess ending a wonderful chapter of her life and ready to embark on the next grand adventure.

With Dad drafting feeders at Alpha, Nanny was welcomed at our Presentation Night and graduation ceremony.

Students performed, awards were presented and a beautiful relaxed barbecue was enjoyed.  We have been truly blessed to have this small school to lay a solid foundation for our young students.

(Dorky Mum photo)

Yesterday we enjoyed a fun day at school, 

Tomorrow we head to Bottle Tree to start branding.  No good letting them think this holiday caper is actually going to be a holiday.


  1. I'm going to argue about the photo of you with the kids ..... it's gorgeous one of all of you. Congratulations Jess on completing Primary School. I still feel a little robbed that Wallace & Andrew finish their primary years in Year 6.....
    I did say to my kids last week that it might be "holiday from school" but there's no holiday from life here!! They all seem to be thriving :)

  2. My kids are at a smallish school too. I love the community feeling that they get to experience. Gorgeous start.

  3. What do you mean "dorky mum photo"?

  4. and here you are bagging me about keeping the whip cracking (btw, off to brand weaners tomorrow...I'm ready to tell dad where to put said whip myself just quietly, my dreams of getting x y and z accomplished before Christmas rapidy fading)....
    1. So nice to see Nanny. Hello!
    2. looking GREAT (dorky mum? pfft) fresh hair colour? very stylish for a self confessed boardies and work shirt wearer. Love the necklace, but you always do have such nice accessories.
    3. Did ya cry?!
    4. what ARE you putting on your lawn to make it so green?! (apart from rain, but I suspect its as in short a supply down there as up here).

  5. I do like the one of you and your brood, you all look lovely.
    I'm looking forward to seeing all your farm updates throughout the holidays.



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