Sunday, 1 December 2013


Friday saw us head to the local pool, enjoying another balmy almost-Summer's day and watching our kids compete in our little school's swimming carnival.

Pre-cursor to this coming week's bigger inter-school competition, Friday we'll head west to participate with two other local small schools plus the distance ed kids from our area.

It's that crazy time of year when we could almost pitch a tent at school.

And I love it.
My big girl will be home tomorrow after a rowing break-up this weekend ... my favourite time of year.


  1. I love this time of year too. It's a bit overwhelming at times and I forego some stuff in favour of remaining unfrazzled. Are you getting any rain?

  2. I found myself wishing I could go to school this week, upon hearing the fun plans. Alas, no such luck for me. I am counting down the days. Our last week. it was an inspired idea to have our break up concert the weekend before!

  3. We have three weeks to go and the next two are slightly crazy ... mainly because of after school activity break ups, not that they do all that much but everyone wants to cram a function into the same 10 day period.

    Shock to the system weather here for us today - 35C, I know you seasoned northerners are used to it, we have not had any heat so far!



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