Monday, 2 December 2013

Summer Days

... are the best days.

Sarah is home.  Eight glorious weeks of everybody under one roof.  This afternoon after school the tree went up.

With Christmas carols playing loudly, accompanied by raucous out-of-tune girls, Mr Buble filled the house with joy.

Fairly lights are strung along the verandah.  For the second night in succession we've eaten dinner out there

and will continue to do so through these Summer months.

Tomorrow the excitement continues.

We've an eleventh birthday to celebrate.


  1. It's looking very festive at your place Fiona! Love your verandah. We still have 3 weeks of school left down here..ugh!!! Enjoy your holidays and a very happy birthday to Jess for tomorrow :-) Mel x

  2. Enjoy having all of your kiddies home Fiona as you get into the Christmas spirit! Happy 11th birthday for tomorrow - you always make the best cakes for your kids birthdays!

  3. It just looks gorgeous Fiona. So glad all your babies are home. Precious times. xx

  4. Hi gorgeous girl, looks amazing. So glad to have your little flock together for 8 weeks. Lovely. Think of you often, Niki

  5. Happy Birthday to Wallace…I've been thinking of him today, can you believe it was 11 years ago! So lovely to have Sarah home and here's to getting under a bit of rain where its needed…Trude x

  6. No packed lunches for two months and all the lambs in the "stable"!
    The tree is still out of reach here but I am getting the itch…..


  7. It's so good to see a family enjoying the Christmas preparations so much! Your verandah lights reflect the happiness I know is to be found inside your home.

  8. you must pinch yourself when she is home. I hope the next few week are filled with love, laughs, relaxation and rain! x

  9. very envious of your verandah! must hang some fairy lights myself this afternoon, after I mow the lawn that has grown when I blinked. don't blame you for eating out there on balmy evenings with the twinkle lights happening!

  10. I'd really like to enjoy a HOT Christmas, just once! Your twinkly lights look very pretty.



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