Friday, 27 December 2013

The Christmas Edition

We finally received our much awaited load of M4U on Christmas Eve and were pleased to be able to put it out to hungry heifers.

Merry Christmas girls.
The rain's a'comin' 

... sometime soon.

Christmas Day we headed to town to share a beautiful day with Nan and Grandad. Two nights earlier we'd enjoyed our traditional Christmas feast of roasted suckling pig with my brother Pete and his family.

Christmas day was spent relaxing.
And enjoying lovely food.
Absolutely beautiful.

And of course there was swimming.

We came home Boxing Day and set about erecting the pool gifted to the children.

A task, which despite the heat went off without a hitch.

I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming back into the workforce today.

I don't feel I'm ready.
Perhaps we can start with half days and work our way up.


  1. I can see the new pool will be very well used over the coming months. x

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas .... I reckon that pool will be the the best investment yet. Gorgeous photos of both you and your Mum in the pool. Oh, and Rob is similarly attired to Matthew today, in work shirt, jeans and hat. I think he too, is getting itchy feet to get back to it. I'm with you, gently, gently!

  3. Your kids always look so happy, it's beautiful :) Looks like a nice xmas and a great pool! We just lost our pool that was very similar in a bushfire, I think my mum is giving us a new one for xmas today (late celebrations for my family).

  4. What a great Christmas gift, I am sure it will be in use all the time! Still crossing fingers for your decent downpour. All the best.

  5. record for enthusiastic child helpers for this chore?! Worth every penny. (just don't forget to run the filter or the green scurge will be upon you!)

    looks like the most lovely Christmas day! And that Jessie, all legs. You must steer her towards pole vaulting or some other activity that can make use of their length!! And Sarah has your mums smile!!

    You haven't mentioned any painting over the holiday break? Looks like Matthew must have been doing some on the sly! Such messy business, I too end up with it all over my face.

    Sent husband back to work today. He tells me we are mustering soon. I'm praying for divine intervention.

  6. What a fun Christmas, that pool looks like fun! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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