Monday, 29 April 2013

And on the Seventh Day ...

... we went to The Caves Show,
and spent some time catching up with Grandad

... and Nanny.

We enjoyed ice-creams

and even showed some cattle.

Cattle and kids both behaved 'relatively' well.  Next stop Junior Beef Week.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cattle and Kids

In disappointing fashion for the children, we didn't take their freshly broken in weaners along to our local show last weekend.

With Dad and I assigned work roles, it seemed too huge a task to take a load of greenhorn children and calves and then not be able to spend enough time with them.  Fortuitously another small country show only seventy kilometres down the road this coming Sunday will provide the perfect opportunity to settle these youngsters and ready them for a Junior Beef event to be held in the next school holidays.

Today's Anzac holiday saw us giving the weaners their first bath and 'bedding' them down for the night, all part of the learning process of how to become a show animal.

With hay nets hung and neck straps attached, the four babes have been settled, fed, watered and groomed and are spending this evening tied up at the yards.

Now we just need to finish convincing the children there's no need for us to camp at the Show.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Shows, Showing Off and Sugar

Twelve mil of rain on the eve of our local show did little to dampen enthusiasm for this special community event.  The 4:30 am wake up call to my mobile from a competitor to check conditions may have however.

Unfortunately the jobs at hand on show-day left little time for photographing.  Not even a shot of my girls in their new shirts.

For a person who really doesn't enjoy the limelight, I seem to manage to get coaxed into endeavours shining the spotlight on myself.  (I hope my neighbour doesn't mind that I've included a few of his fashion parade shots).

This georgeous gerbra a gift from the beautiful fashion parade co-ordinator in appreciation of our fifteen minutes of fame.

In totally unrelated news, but feeling dreadfully sorry for myself with a man-killing flu upon me at the moment, I made this fructose-free coco-nutty granola today from Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar' book.

Beautiful on its own, with yoghurt, or the kids are planning on trying it with milk for tomorrow's breakfast.
Who needs sugar?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

And the Sewing Machine's back in the Cupboard

I guess if I'd been gifted with three sons and one daughter rather than the other way round, I would have been able to reclaim a couple of days this week spent sewing.

Though of course I wouldn't have had the joy of making these pretty shirts, a feat which passed remarkably smoothly without too much unpicking and re-sewing involved.

For those who won't be present at the show this weekend, this is what the happening young crowd will be wearing.

Sal going the much-loved navy/fuchsia route,

Jess enjoying a little purple and paisley,

with Sarah just dotty for red.

Very pleased to have the dining table back functioning as it was intended.


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