Monday, 13 January 2014

49 mil

A trip to Bottle Tree yesterday revealed 49 mm of rain.  Enough to throw a good green shoot, bolster spirits and lift optimism levels as we wait for the 'big wet' still to come.

Babies, babies everywhere will see us back for another round of branding come March.

We managed to fit the correct part in the old work ute.  I won't exaggerate and say she goes like a beauty, but she goes.

Curious cows and calves met us at every stop.

Jess pointing out the C on this little heifer's face.  Obviously her name is Charlotte.

Or Cassandra.  Or even Catalena.  

This little girl didn't want to miss any of the action.
The big fella's back at work today.
The party's over.


  1. Gee wizz, these heifers look a bit meatier than the last lot of pics you put up. So glad to see the green in the background. I hope the season finishes well for you guys x

  2. sappy calves. I won't be offering to stand at the back end of them when they are in the cradle come branding time!

    I've yet to meet a work ute that doesn't run with a little skip and a hop with some idiosyncrasies, so it sounds about right ;-)

  3. Oh I'm jealous of your rain! We had 7mm on Christmas Day and 6 1/2mm last week. We've been feeding at one property since July and only stopped 2 days ago... not because there's any feed, but because we weaned super early. Down to less than 10 bales of hay left and a load of cottonseed... But your post gives me hope, perhaps our turn will come with the next change...

  4. I'm so pleased the rain finally found you at home and Bottletree...I do hope there is more to come but I see more hot weather beforehand at least.

  5. Beautiful pictures of the cows! Hope they are all staying healthy.



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