Tuesday, 28 January 2014

And Then There were Two

Only one pan of bacon to fry this morning, only two lunches to pack and only two school hats to find.

Wallace and Sally headed off to what will be Wallace's last year of primary school before joining his big sisters in town.  All going to plan this will also be Sally's last year at this wonderful school as we hopefully move to Bottle Tree at the end of the year.

Sarah and Jess were dropped at boarding school yesterday, an easy transition for Sarah into Year 10, already well practiced at unpacking suitcases, hanging laundry bags, making beds and though new for Jess, somewhat familiar having heard much from Sarah over the past two years.

We left her smiling and looking forward to all that lies ahead.

So much easier leaving two, knowing that they have each other and that Sarah will as always keep an eye out for her.

They will be home for the weekend in two short weeks, Jessie's thirteenth birthday falling the day before they come home.  Menu preparations have begun.

Though hot dogs aren't on it.


  1. Oh look at those two gorgeous littlies with their matching hats and hot dogs! Bet it feels like yesterday ....Hope they all had a wonderful start to the school year. A big year by the sounds of it, and a house move too! x

  2. Groovy trousers! How far will you be moving?

  3. I have been thinking about you over the past few days, Fiona xx

  4. you didn't mention whether mum bawled as she left though..... Jessie looks quite settled and excited though. Hope the first few days have gone well for her.

    The move to Bottle Tree will be "exciting"....I dread the thought of moving (no plans for such though) ....the amount of STUFF one seems to accumulate is astounding!

  5. Aw, it sounds MUCH easier that two have gone together this year, even if it is twice as quiet round your house.

  6. I can't believe how much your sweet children have grown!

  7. Great photos of Jessie…I do hope she has had a good week…nearly two for that matter! A big year for you with Jessie starting, Wallace finishing and moving! We will watch as the journey unfolds.

  8. Good to see that the girls are settling in - did it last for Jess? Such a huge change for her. I can't even imagine my kids ever being confident enough to board... sigh. But I guess they just grow up all of a sudden, right? (right???). Enjoy the duo boy parenting - now there's a big change for you!! x



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