Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dust to Dust

My disdain for housework is no secret in these parts.  Though I do love a clean house.  I basically think I was born to have 'help'.

No truer words have ever been spoken than these above.

Dry times of late have meant dust is in abundance.  I implore my workmates to show consideration when driving past the house.

Unfortunately these pleas seem to be falling upon deaf ears.

Hurrying back from the shed with a welder on board to fix a broken cement mixer stand, the big fella showed little consideration for my dust problems.

 At this stage I was wishing I had a two way in my hand rather than a camera.


  1. Oh no...I'm with you on the cleaning up before visitors! Maybe that's why I'm not a fan of the "drop-in"...I'm usually caught out in a pigsty! haha.

  2. I'm with Kristie- the unexpected arrival of visitors it not a pleasant occasion.
    Cleaning is not one my favourite activities either, I hate that I just clean something and a day or two later the place looks like it hasn't seen a vacuum or scrub in weeks. and it's just the two of us. I hate to think of the cleaning when kids are around.

  3. Couldn't agree more Fiona! What I achieve in the 5 minutes that I see a car come up the driveway until they knock on the door is nothing short of a miracle. My in-laws arrive early this Saturday morning and we are not going to get stuck into the cleaning until Fri 7.30pm when all the kids are in bed so there is maximum reward for effort! Wishing you and the family a wonderful year ahead, and some rain soon!! Mel x

  4. I feel you. I like cleaning because of the instant satisfaction but with a 15 month old it never lasts long! We recently had big bushfires in early October and we are STILL dealing with the ash and crap left behind, coming in on the window sills etc. I'll come live up there and be your cleaner anytime! Hubby needs a change of pace, perhaps he can get his hands dirty on the land (what a role reversal - I'm the one who has studied Ag!). I wish!!

  5. heh heh, to be on the same channel if you did have that radio in your hand. I feel your pain. Its the same here, except I can't tear strips off random truck drivers with three trailers worth of bulldust on their wheels pulling up outside my front door. (hundreds and hundred and hundreds of kilometres of places suitable to be pulling over and you have to do it here?!!) Although the night one bloke pulled up with six decks of fresh weaners right outside my bedroom, nearly had me out there in my pyjama clad glory tapping on his truck window. Anyhow I digress. Dust. I am totally with you on the cleaning too. My mother is aghast. (she'll eventually get over it perhaps?!)

    1. You set the scene well Sharon, i just wish it ended with you out there giving him a piece of your mind in your unmentionables!
      Fi, I hear you, 5 minutes is all it takes when it's necessary. x

    2. You know if you leave the vacuum cleaner out and placed just so, it looks like you are in the middle of cleaning! (same with the dishwasher door/drawers, if you've had a insane morning and the dishes aren't done!)

    3. haha….you crack me up. You must have been to my place today Sharon, the vacuum cleaner gets left out a lot, same with the ironing board!

  6. Cleaning and I don't agree either would much rather do anything else but no-one else volunteers to do it either...I giggled at the fast pace of the vehicle and the urgency to fix something, imagine if they had to clean it...the first time I used my new mower (zero turn) I didn't shut the windows...stupid girl I was, i then had to vacuum all window sills and floors - won't do that again!

  7. How annoying!! I'd have been on the two way quick sticks!!



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