Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goodbye 2013

Sometimes it feels a blessing to say goodbye to an old year.  While 2013 was a wonderful year on many levels, at the forefront of our minds at this time is the decidedly dry manner in which it has ended.  With no real rain to report since May, and some particularly hot weather this Summer, we are looking brown, dry and short at the moment.  Worrying times.

 So it's nice to enter a new year, a new calendar on the wall, a clean rainfall chart to start filling in.  A new year brings with it optimism, anticipation and hope.

We ended the old year working on projects at the yards.

With less than two weeks of holidays left, the big fella has been like a man possessed. 

 Temperatures in the high thirties and low forties have not deterred him.

He had a birthday Sunday,

we dug post holes, lay poly pipe

and stood shed posts.

He hasn't shaved since finishing work before Christmas and has declared he won't until it rains. It's like working with Kenny Rogers.  Without the singing.

I've been working on my tan,

right down to my Bonds anklets.

Kids were recruited to burn out stumps in the new yards. On a 40 degree day.

Great weather for it.

Sal was keen to leave her mark around the freshly cemented shed posts.  The last post cemented this morning with all children's names recorded with the date of the new year.

Lunch break coming to an end, back to it with Kenny.
Islands in the stream, that is what we are ...


  1. Hot hot hot here in the Blue Mountains NSW too. We've been having mid-40 temps this summer (not every day!) and I'm happy to hide in the air con. Kudos to all of you for your hard work. Sending rain vibes! x

  2. Oh I thought he'd been painting but no, it was the start of his Kenny Rogers look. Does he have the same suaveness?!!
    I hope there was some dirt on those very brown legs to make them so dark?!!!
    I do hope you've been taking siestas when the mercury hits over 42. We are currently bunkered down inside, whilst the whip cracker watches the hobbit with eyes closed. A balmy 44.4 at the moment.

  3. Hot and dry here too. With bare dirt at home we are upping numbers on greener pastures waiting and watching.

    I am not sure about the stump burning though just a tad too hot for my liking...

  4. I can't begin to imagine working so hard in all that heat. We get one hot day (20+C) and have to lie down to recover! Love your farmer's tan.

  5. What a glorious tan :). Hoping for good things for you all in 2014, and especially some good revitalising rain.

  6. Love the farmer's tan but don't love the weather you are having. I hope that rain comes soon and that you find a cool spot to rest during the coming hotter days.

  7. I hope 2014 brings you and your lovely family everything you hope for. You all deserve so much of the best!

  8. This heat is incredible…I don't think we quite made 40 on NYE I vowed and declared not to look, better that way…I think??? That looks like a fair old project, I hate how they have to fall in the Summer because there is no time throughout the rest of the year to do it…while I type in the air con L is out doing water hook ups and more fencing! Best wishes to all of your family for the year and may it rain for all!

  9. No sandals for you this summer.
    and happy birthday to old mate x



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