Sunday, 26 January 2014

School's Never looked so Good

In line with our master plan to ensure the children appreciate their education, we dragged them from their beds in the dark yesterday morning to pick up the hay Dad had baled the previous night.

Some climbed a rung on the child-labour ladder taking on Acco driving duty.

If she becomes as proficient with gear changes as she is with the air horn she'll be carting weaners in no time.

Dad's early enthusiasm waning as the morning progressed and the humidity rose at the same rate as the hay stack.

With hay in the shed before breakfast, we headed to Bottle Tree where meatworks cattle were to be drafted in line with the other master plan to keep the wolves from the door.

And though the two inches of rain received there earlier in the month has all but disappeared, it did provide relief in the form of improving condition of the dry cattle there.  It was a case of show no mercy as anything showing a decent level of cover was drafted off for the meatworks.

With an ETA on the wet season difficult to establish, it was a case of implementing plans to cope with this dry spell.

Cattle will continue to roll out every month if need be.

 On what was a stinking hot steamy day, the two water bottles taken were drained early.

With Dad and Wallace back today to truck cattle, the girls and I are enjoying a restful, last minute prep session before back to school tomorrow.

Happy Australia Day.


  1. I remember us all having a go at the air horn as kids when we got our first truck...I had a laugh. Yesterday was so humid here so an early start would have helped when loading that hay. Better to sell than not...a wise decision most likely! I hope your transition to the new school year to smooth also. xx

  2. Your in-training truck driver looks very proud of herself.

  3. Beautiful images Fi.
    I'll be thinking of you next week. I know i'm the lucky one with my babes able to school closet home, but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish they were at boarding school. It's been a very long 8 weeks x

  4. I read today a little banner about how many hours a child spends learning in school and how many hours a child spends learning at home. You've done a stirling job with your hours Fiona. I know when they're boarding it seems a few hours are stolen from us though xx

  5. that is a clever idea and just quietly my kids I think are looking forward to school too. As well as now having a great appreciation for what great inventions electric fence tape and solar energisers are. (no more wandering around town with misbehaving poddies!).

    So what, only 7 more years before Jess can take over Acco driving duties from mum?! Every kid should learn to drive an Acco, as if they can negotiate the grumpy nature of that gear box then they can drive anything. Except possibly the CW90 UD at my place that has sent grown men grinding to a noisy halt and then starting off again in first gear with a far gentler touch. It shows no mercy nor bias (somewhat like the why are you driving so it because all of those truck drivers are sitting there and you don't to get embarrassed want to do noisy gears while they are watching?!!!)

  6. Evil genius Fiona! I found making them sort their own uniforms was enough to make them long for the gentler demands of school!

  7. I bet your children never moan that the summer holidays are boring, with nothing to do.



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