Monday, 6 January 2014

Some Days are Diamond ...

I guess we Queenslanders are becoming a little tiresome with our constant discussion of the heat ... but geez, enough is nearly enough.

Over a week of topping 40 is becoming just a tad monotonous.  Coupled with a distinct lack of rain, it's hard to put a spring in your step heading out the door of a morning.

The big fella and I headed to Bottle Tree a couple of days ago with a few quick jobs to bowl over.  With yet another post-40 day expected we left the kids in the air-conditioning in town.

First job on the list:  Replace a clutch cylinder in the Bottle Tree work-ute.  At least we were in the shade of the shed, but sauna-like conditions saw temperaments tested.  Particularly as we got to the pointy end and realised the part picked up on the way through town was the wrong one.  That poor young girl's ears will still be burning.

Second job:  Remove back wheel and sheared brake drum (or something like that) from four-wheeler.  (Thanks Sarah).  Apparently we didn't have the right tools.  Abort job two.

Thirdly:  With temperature now over forty, head out to Back Bore Paddock to pull bore at a mill not pumping.

Climb mill approximately eleven times.

Empty water bottle.

Find problem.

Burn hands on hot tools.
At 43 degrees decide to return on cool morning to complete task with necessary parts and cooler tools.

Thankfully back at Rock Wallaby, the pool is open for business.

With a cheap gazebo erected as shade, the water temperature is slightly below that of soup, at least less than that of the surrounding atmosphere.

Late afternoon dips are proving popular, perhaps moreso than bathing for some younger members of the team.  The big fella has one more week off work.  Though the phone has started ringing.  Too dry for too long, people have cattle to shift.

The rain's coming this week though I'm told, so you'll be lucky to get trucks on ramps.  Time to clean the gutters, stock up on flour and pull out the 1000 piece jigsaw.

We'll be waiting.


  1. Oh Fiona - I hope it rains. Hate that dry landscape when you know how desperately you need rain. Hard to explain how much it pulls at you and gets you down.

    Fingers crossed you get wet soon. (And not just in the pool!)


  2. I hope you get some rain soon. We had a heatwave before Christmas (cricketers were playing in 46 deg!) then had some much needed cooler weather. 38 today, still too hot for me!

  3. Stock the pantry and bring on the rain. I am sure that people won't be so in need of those trucks once it arrives. Keep on going and trying to stay cool "just keep swimming, just keep swimming". Love the scenery, although the dryness is not desired the heat haze gives it's own special effects making me feel that heat.

  4. Now that sounds like a bugger of a day ... can certainly relate!
    Love the happy ending to the story though. Pool, beer, wet, 1000 piece jigsaw :)

  5. Your photos definitely capture the extent of the heat and frustration...I do so hope the rain comes.

  6. I take my hat off to you and the big fella. I'm still doing my rain dance for you :)

  7. Big Fella, My dad is a builder and ALWAYS wears jeans and a long shirt on site too, even in 40C…..what even happened to shorts, a T-shirt and sunscreen?
    That haze is hot.
    So glad Santa brought you a pool, may he bring a late gift of rain too.
    Chin up, we are all praying for you x

  8. God I hope it rains for you. I agree. Enough is enough. If I were the Big Fella I'd be kicking that blasted windmill.

  9. I hope rain arrives shortly. The landscape there certainly needs it.

  10. Gosh I hope it rains for you soon Fiona!! We've had no rain either but we don't have stock to worry about so we can breath much easier! The pool was obviously a fabulous investment!! Thinking of you all up north! Donna x

  11. Well I cooked a turkey on Saturday and when i stuck the meat thermometer in to test it, it was hotter in the kitc hen than it was in the turkey!

  12. Glad to see the Big Fella was following all OHS rules climbing that mill. I have to say my husband rarely asks me to offside for any mechanical repairs (probably for good reason). Thankfully the last bore pulling exercise undertaken had me at the end of a very long rope in the ute and following hand signals. Peace.
    Husband complains the new pool is a bit too deep for optimum beer drinking, he can't just sit on the floor. More of an issue however is the splashing of ones parents after they have been splashing ALL day long.
    No holiday here. Has been wistful discussions about where/what we might do should it actually rain. So far involves some beach/pool time. Knowing our luck it probably would coincide with a cyclone coming in!! (but so far I've not had to worry about making any bookings as you know...rain or lack thereof?!!)
    Gosh we are a whiny bunch. Looking forward to the next instalment about the 2" you've received since this blog post. And may your power stay on, unlike mine over the last three days. Am really good at starting and swearing very fluently loudly and most unladylike at the generator.



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