Friday, 10 January 2014

What a Difference a Week Makes

The sun rising on this Friday morning painted a far more glorious picture than that of last week when we were heading to Bottle Tree to unsuccessfully pull a bore in drought conditions and searing heat.

We woke Wednesday morning to a scene reminiscent of Christmas morning with children giggling, cavorting and generally goofing off, all because Sarah had raced out and poured 50 most welcome millimetres of rain from the guage.

Another 28 had fallen by Thursday morning.

And just this afternoon another 19.  The big fella timed his run perfectly, patching old banks and constructing new.

The sense of relief in this household is palpable.  Molasses will be run out for another week, while grass pushes its way through and new plans are made, lick bills paid, cattle fattened and sold.  Name tags will be sewed on a thousand items of clothing and girls readied for boarding school.

Forecasts indicate a monsoonal influence will soon be felt by our friends in the north.  Our thoughts are with them as they continue to wait.


  1. How sweet the rain is. It brings a smile to my face seeing the photos of all the rain after seeing it so dry at your place.

  2. Great news! I can hear your relief and joy in your writing in this post :)
    I'm a fairly new reader - what do you do while the kids are in boarding school? Is this during your on season, and you get down and dirty on the land with the big fella?

  3. So pleased you've been under some decent falls .... unbelievable how patchy the rain still is. The general stuff can't be too far off, surely?!

  4. oh wow, that extra 40mm you kept quiet. What lovely rain. Can just image walking out onto the verandah and smelling that wet earth smell!
    Clouds have been around each morning/day, humidity up and showers here and there. But still nothing much of a general nature here or north. Although did you hear one place at Isiford got 9" overnight! Didn't appear to go too far although longreach to Jundah/blackall all getting around the 4 inches. Lovely stuff. Just gotta believe it IS coming and its our turn next.
    Otherwise, how many weaners can you handle?! ;-)

    1. Firstly Fi, thanks be to God! It's about bloody time, your excitement was palpable through the screen…and to you Sharon, it won't be long…i continue to pray! xx
      (how far apart do you both live?)

    2. Maybe 1000 kms apart? I'm between Townsville and Mount Isa, and Fiona is north of day we'll meet face to face! It would be surreal and lovely to meet all of the wonderful blogging friends one day!

    3. I second that Sharon. One day we will get together, and what a chin-wag that will be.

    4. o my goodness, your joking. I thought you were within coo-re of each other. It's the common bush talk you have going, i thought you were neighbours. My hubby grew up on a farm in NE Vic and my grandparents had a farm in Tumut, so it's in the blood…hopefully we'll get back to the land one day.
      As for that chin-wag, i'd love to one day.
      Hey Sharon, are you close to Cloncurry? My brother in law wrote a song about that place. He is a country music singer/song writer
      Liv x

  5. So very please to read this! Hurrah!

  6. Thank God you got some rain. I always think of you when ABC News reports on the plight of graziers in the midst of drought. I hope there's more rain to come. I'm sewing name tags as well ... and buying school shoes! The horror!

  7. I'm so glad to hear you're getting some rain too. It's cooled down nicely here too and we've had some lovely rain which has meant plenty of very happy mud play time for the kids! I either make them stand in the rain or under the hose before they come inside though.

    xx Susan

  8. So happy for you Fiona knowing how important "something wet from the sky" is! Thats a welcome start to the new year.
    All the best

  9. Woohoo! Rain! I can only imagine the excitement and following relief and contentment that is running rampage in your house after some much needed rain. I heard about above average rainfall for the north west or possibly everywhere during February (fingers crossed). It happens to be raining today in Cairns so hopefully it makes it over the mountains, very wet season and a lot cooler.

  10. good to hear you got some rain. I heard that NW of Cunnamulla got 100 mm. I hope Muttaburra got some as well ! They certainly needed some when we were there mid December for a week for a funeral and estate winding up. We left home with 16 deg and rain and got there to 40+, not much fun in the swag. The only cool place was the pub !

  11. Glad you have received good rain. Here's hoping there is good follow up in the next week or so. Just a few mm here in Hervey Bay would be lovely.



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