Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Reunion

I'm so enjoying a weekend with my big girls at home.
We celebrated Jessie becoming a teenager one day after the fact. 

(Blurry photo pinched off Sarah's phone).

Please note the strawberries on the cake.

Practically health-food.

I'm yet to master night-time photography,
so you'll have to excuse my blurry photos.

Jess is absolutely loving school, music to a mother's ears.
I'm absolutely loving weekends like this ...

with my awesome foursome reunited.


  1. Ohh how lovely to have your 4 back together.
    Wow... the cake. another stunning creation. x

  2. Gosh those two big girls of yours are looking gorgeous. Is Matthew trying a rough n' tough look to keep the boys away?!

  3. The years fly by... And I reckon with all the hard work you all do, that cake is justified!

  4. Gorgeous, all of it. It is wonderful that Jessie is loving school, so very hard when they don't. Another plus's only 8 weeks to Easter hols :)

  5. oh my they are gorgeous girls. With great taste in jewellery too.

    Are things so rough down there that Matthew has decided to cut corners and not buy razors....I am not sure what this look does for he aiming at distinguished?! (probably should loose the headscarf is that is the case). Not sure he's quite pulling it off. Perhaps its the biker look instead?!

    That cake.... when its my birthday I think you need to visit ;-) And the whole table just looked lovely. How special that meal must have been!

    1. I always look for your comments Sharon, you crack me up! Mr Darcy vs Bandido!
      As for the cake, definitely healthy with a sprinkling of strawberries and elegant too with those crystal wine glasses (we have the same ones).
      And that last shot… fav. I love watching my four play together too, but the reality is fleeting x

  6. Blurry photos are gorgeous. Th cake looks amazingly delish. Congrats on your daughter's birthday.

  7. I am glad you got to spend time with your awesome foursome and that birthday dinner and cake looks scrumptious. It is good that the kids have settled back into school.

  8. Thought you had Peter Fitzsimons (sp?) at your dinner table! Very colourful - can almost smell your roses from here. And that cake? Those racks of lamb? Those beautiful girls? Sublime.



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